Project Maelstrom Enters Beta

Distributed Browser Expands Test Group, Introduces Developer Tools

In December we announced the release of the alpha version of Project Maelstrom and shared our vision for a distributed web. It’s a vision for the Internet that we’ve long held at BitTorrent; we believe its a necessary innovation to sustain a truly neutral, content-friendly network.

At that time we asked, what if more of the web worked the way that BitTorrent does? Project Maelstrom aims to answer that question with a web browser that powers a new way for web content to be published, accessed and consumed.

Since December, we have learned a lot. We also have established a growing community of testers, developers and publishers. More than 10,000 developers in fact, and an additional 3,500 publishers, looking to share our vision of how the Internet can work. These are technologists, academics and researchers. These are start-ups, agencies, and visionaries. And these are the people who will help us build the next 20 years of the Internet.

Today, Project Maelstrom enters its next phase by expanding our group of testers and by offering a new set of developer tools.

Our test group will be expanded with the introduction of the Project Maelstrom browser beta. This is an open beta for Windows users and by empowering the browser with a distributed protocol we open a better future for publishers, creators, and users. And we do this while offering a more efficient, scalable and cost-effective alternative to HTTP.

The latest release also introduces the first developer tools for Project Maelstrom, empowering publishers and developers to leverage the efficiency of BitTorrent technology in their content and interactive experiences.

Today we’re expanding access to everyone so that tomorrow we will have a sustainable, content-friendly Internet, powered by people.

Written by: Eric Klinker

Eric Klinker, BitTorrent's Chief Executive Officer, brings close to two decades of experience as a technologist and an innovator.

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  • Brian Davis

    Does this contain just as much adware as your current bittorrent app has?

    • Amosqu

      I don’t see any, so not yet.

    • [YT] bmx22c

      Nop I don’t see any ads

    • Samantha Chu

      Soon it will! including spyware I’m sure.

  • Amosqu

    I tried one torrent from KAT, there’s only sound, but no picture. Is there a way to fix this?

  • Steven Ickman

    Hmm… The future of the web is a distributed CDN that I can’t easily update and revoke old copies of published content. Perfect!

    • An0nym0usC0ward

      🙂 I like your thinking! OTOH, be aware that it’s two-edged: once you hit submit on a comment, a blog post or whatever, it’s there to last …

    • sunk818

      BEP39 allows you to update the URL to point to a new torrent. Where did you get the impression you can’t easily update as a publisher?

  • Dylan Wang

    not support win 8.1 ?

    • Nicolò Semprini

      Works just fine on Win 8.1 as well

  • ykgoon

    How to test as a Linux user?

  • doctor_house_md

    Could not install on Windows7x64 no matter what was tried. Managed to unpack the .exe with 7-Zip, but no useful information was gained in the files regarding installation, other than it mentioned Intel and I have AMD. Maybe it’s a conflict with having Chrome pre-installed.

    • Lordken

      yeah it looks installer is a bit broken. Also win7 x64 , tried multiple downloads but still doesnt work. When i run exe it ask for admin rights twice and then nothing happens.
      More importantly why do the browser need admin/elevated rights in the first place?

      • David Wisniewski

        It’s the installer needing to be able to write to the program files directory.

  • Michael Stollaire

    Installation on Windows 7 x64 works. However, every single time I launch the browser, it goes into an unresponsive state. Yes, it’s secure, etc. However, if it’s not functional on an OS platform, this is a rather large problem. 😉

    • Joe

      I can’t even get it to install on win7 64.

  • Sanket Uchil

    Is it just me or does it really looks like Google Chrome a lot?

    • vishal

      I think its built on top of chrome as the menu also says relaunch chrome in Windows 8 Mode.

      Can figure out much difference yet 🙂

      • Alas

        That’s a Chromium feature. Chrome IS NOT open source and thus cannot be built on. The main differences between Chromium and Chrome are that Chrome tracks you and has Flash built in.

        • Andrea Verocio

          chromium does too. But thats another issue.

    • jaydeep3005

      it is build on chromium and that’s why it looks like google chrome

  • Giacomo Poggi

    Working perfectly on Windows 10 build 10049

    • arkcol

      How does Windows 10 works on PC? Is it stable?

      • IC Rainbow

        3 BSODs per day stable.

        • arkcol


          • Alas

            It’s actually really stable. Running it now.

      • exadeci

        It’s running smooth on mine, just don’t install f.lux (ends up freezing it ) and sometimes when I exit Heroes of the storm it freezes (the only game that does that and far from being the most demanding so weird)

      • Giacomo Poggi

        I just had to make a clear installation cause of the error; it’s stable, but something goes wrong it fucks all up

      • DeeJay Stewart

        mine’s been very stable. Had it for a few months now with zero problems.

  • Сергей


  • disqus_GBL8FBymFQ

    Why do I have to log into Google? I am trying to get away from the omnipresent , love-to-track-you-Google. I am not getting this at all. AND why do i have to give my personal data once more , now to DISQUS to even be able to make this comment? I REALLY would like some privacy, thank you. Not impressed.

    • sunk818

      You do not have to log into Google. That’s just how Chrome behaves. Blame Google not Bittorrent.

      • Alas

        Blame the Chromium developers, it’s NOT CHROME.

        • sunk818

          Thanks for the clarification. I edited my post.

          • Alas

            Yeah, no problem, I’m sorry if that came off as rude.

  • Stefan

    Up to 3x faster than Chrome on my Windows 8.1, love it

  • vedajkavil

    does’nt work on windows 32 bit os
    what are the requirements

  • Erique Souza

    I am a Brazilian who installed the Maelstrom today is any youtube video to watch by the browser and is with wheezing, que ask them to see it please thank you!

    • Marek WereFrog

      Same here. I think there is some problem with flash or or videos in general

      • Rob V

        Thanks for reporting this, it’s something we’re looking into.

  • Merritt Brenneman

    When will this be available for Mac?

  • Niko aditya

    cant’t install on windows 8.1 64 bit

  • mo

    so i see that u can download files from torrent websites directly with a magnet link,
    does this mean that i’m no longer seeding to other people and not being tracked?
    (in australia the ISPs hit u with sticks, rocks, infringement notices and stuff like that if they catch u seeding movies/episodes to other people)

    • thisisrobv

      I would take a look at “torrent settings” which you can find in the navigation menu of the about page. From there you can control various setting around seeding.

      • mo

        oh i see, but i dont see any tracker settings.
        If i’m not mistaken magnet links dont require any trackers because they use DHT,
        so i dont need to worry about about my ISP tracking my every torrent download right? at least not through trackers?

    • An0nym0usC0ward

      You do seed to other people. Only, what you seed, as long as you only browse legal content, is also legal content.

  • Fred234

    I love the idea but it keeps freezing on my Win7 64 bit desktop.

    • sunk818

      The installer doesn’t do a very good job of telling you what’s going on. Have you tried uninstalling Maelstrom (if its in Control Panel > Programs) and then re-install?

  • Ris

    Where is Linux version?

  • Nyy-anonymouse

    Installer did not start for me. Downloaded installer few times to be sure, but no. Never had this kind of issue before. Do i have to have something installed ( on win7 64bit) to be able to start installer?

    • Joe

      Same for me. I disabled all AV and antimalware but still no go.

  • Andrea Verocio

    oooo oooo ohh !!!! I have a question! I have a question !: Where is the source code ?

  • jadson lourenço

    I not try yet because don’t have Linux version, but is based on Chromium, that works fine in Linux and is easy to make this pkg too.

  • John Foster

    This looks amusing. Open source it and it becomes interesting. Until then, good luck with this becoming the next web. OSS or bust. Hopefully for once, Bittorrent will give something to the community for the good of the community alone.

  • Hi

    Seems it does not support 64-bit

    • sunk818

      I got to install on Windows 7 64-bit. Seems not everyone is having the same luck. 🙁

    • Alas

      Unpack the .exe with 7-zip, then extract the chrome.7z file. You’ll get the program in there. c:

      • Nyy-anonymouse

        Thanks for the tip, downloaded installer multiple times, but it didnt do anything after running it. Had 7z installed, but didn’t thought it had trouble unpacking the content. TY, seems decent, but i guess this is better if you have bit faster internet connection (8/1mbps here)

  • exadeci

    So we should trust you all our private infos with a closed source software ?
    When is the NSA approved version coming out ?

  • wullus

    can this browser run on windows version??

  • Haker Bonzo

    pierdolone “project maelstrom = google” trojan virus “maelstrom google”

  • Omega9

    >no linux version

  • Kensho

    work on win7 64x well, easy to install.
    but how i can create torrents?

  • hushv

    I’ve been trying to download it for three days. The download speed is awfully slow and constantly breaks. The server does not support resume so I keep retrying. What’s happening?

  • asdf

    Works fine on windows 7 64 bit but if you use chromium as a browser it messes up with it and you cannot run it side by side.

    • asdf

      Because im running like 4-6 browsers and want to see how good maelstrom is and see if i can make it 5-7 browsers.

  • richieledude

    please add namecoin .bit top level domain support (i.e. easier to browse bittorrent://mysite.bit instead of bittorrent://123ouhfh4uihriuhqiwq87d87dsfhblablabla) and tor support for privacy. Also, linux version a plus.

  • les02jen17

    Tried it out, but I guess chromium 37 isn’t that stable. Some PDF files failed to load, whereas if I load the same on the latest chrome, it opens it perfectly well. I like the idea. I hope they can improve it.

  • joshua torres pagan

    Are we gonna get b targeted by the G o v 4 doing this? i take the risk… bring it on free s peach !

  • Bruno Maximo e Melo

    FreeBSD version please!!!

  • José Rodrigues

    It keeps crashing 🙁

  • Ihab Shoully

    Waiting for Debian version.

  • Bob

    I would like to suggest you to make an add-on version of Maelstrom available for most popular web browsers.

  • Ballantyne April

    flash player does not work on this browser, and I tried several times to get it going but nothing. I was looking foward to giving it a go on some facebook games but I will just have to use Chrome. I hope you guys get it together and u know, fix this. It is a nice idea, not chrome not firefox, but without being able to use flash, whats the point.

  • veigas

    I want to contribute to this project too, please OPENSOURCE it!

  • HeidiHoNeighbor

    This program is now being flagged by Symantec endpoint as malware. Personally, I think they should have flagged it as a trojan for using Chromium, but I guess they have other priorities.

    • David Wisniewski

      Why would they flag something for using chromium. It’s an opensourced regularly updated software.

      • Andrea Verocio

        Because even chromium uses xUID ‘s

  • Samantha Chu

    Hmm, let’s see about this project shall we:

    It isn’t open source.
    It launched on Windows first (which is a known OS that complies with the NSA and has been taken to court over internal spyware)
    Their beta uses every piece of tech that exploits your privacy eg. Flash!

    All good reasons to trust this piece of crap browser that’s built by a team that clearly intends to monetize upon as many users as possible right away, rather than protect privacy. Hence they launch on windows first. in 2015, only the sheep continue to use windows for personal usage.

    • DeeJay Stewart

      or, like…gamers who get annoyed with WINE (I.E. Myself)

    • Geoff Stewart

      No -one is twisting your arm to use this “piece of crap” software. BAAAA.

  • jayson bale

    flash player isn’t working ! i downloaded 4 times flash player .. facebook videos doesn’t appear

  • My8th

    Are you guys planning an Android version?

  • Gabriel González

    It would be really big if this project releases a Linux version and the source code with GPL.

  • DeeJay Stewart

    My videos aren’t working very well in the browser, any suggestions?

  • gauravbansal7

    Not working for executables and images….

  • Robin Thorpe

    I downloaded it and then immediately deleted it. Download speeds were as slow as an arthritic glacier. Once deleted I can’t get the usual magnet link on my PC. Tried to put Maelstrom back on my PC . Nothing doing. File will not open.
    The most useless piece of crap that I have ever had the misfortune to encounter on the internet.

  • Gerardo Renvenuto

    I can’t install it. I use Windows 7 32 bits. Double click on the installer and nothing happens.

  • J Chen

    Mac OS X version PLZ

  • john dova

    alright…i really miss my old programs ):):):

  • yellowcrash10

    Is this project dead? The Mac beta has been “coming soon” for over a year now, and there has been no word of a Linux beta — despite it being teased on the project website according to the search results. And as others have stated, it is concerning that this is not open source.
    A project like this would be an interesting change to the current state of the Internet, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Such a shame.

  • Igor Dahl

    Dear sir/ madame,

    It seems to be as though Project Maelstrom is not being supporting anymore. Would You so kind to confirm or contradict this statement; if it is really so what the current state of web seeding, i. e. set up web hosting.
    Can I ask You help me to set up a host site this way or another. I would be grateful if you provide me step-by-step tutorial.
    My e-mail is:
    I appreciate your kind response in advance.

    Sincerely Yours, Igor.