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Right now, the Internet spans 195 countries and 200 terabytes, and counting. What travels between us — what connects us — is free expression. It’s art. It’s the ability for a kid from K-Town to rap against film industry racism, and have an audience of 700,000 tune in. It’s the ability for musicians like Major Lazer to tear down genres and borders to create one of the most streamed tracks of all time. It’s the ability of a first-time female filmmaker to share an experimental coming-of-age story, and find over 250,000 fans from around the world.

This is what happens when artists have agency: our shared culture becomes more diverse, more whole; more sustainable. And that’s why we started BitTorrent Bundle: to give artists options. Not rules. The freedom to share your story, no matter what form it takes. The right to know, understand, and reach your audience. The right to choose your business model.

In 2014, we launched paygates with Thom Yorke. Today, 25% of our publishers are using the feature. And now, we’re launching an additional revenue option for creators: ad-supported streaming, plus a new app for Android (coming soon for Apple TV and iOS). Creators who participate in the pilot program for ad-streaming will keep 70% of all ad revenue. Fans can discover breaking music and video, follow the artists they love, and support them directly.

This is BitTorrent Now: a platform that’s powered by awesome people like you. This is last record store; live from your TV, from your phone, from San Francisco, to Moscow, to Sao Paulo. And this is distribution built by and for creators; the Internet’s original, and outside, voices.

Artists like Yung Jake, who ask us to rewire our understanding of the web. Musicians like Kerli, Kyiki, Bosco & Speakerfoxxx, who call for equality in the recording industry. Filmmakers like Adam Bhala Lough, who capture change and the world around us. Studios and distributors like A24, Oscilloscope Labs, Drafthouse Films, Factory25, Honora and Super Deluxe, who stay weird. Collectives like Fool’s Gold Records, Letter Racer, and Soulection, who are are building the community, and sound, of tomorrow. Breaking music and video live here.

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Rules to live by in the latest from the ethereal pop producer.

As a vocalist with Crystal Fighters, Ellie Fletcher has built a sound and a following for ethereal, upbeat indie. On her own, as Kyiki, she’s a force of nature—delicate vocals, dark synth, and lush dreamscapes. Her latest single, “Make Love Live Free” premieres today on BitTorrent Now. Wild, soaring, and anthemic, the song was conceived as a response to the overwhelming pressure the artist felt to fit in and give up. “The people around me had secure jobs, skincare regimes, and were like: where is your stability? This song is about me choosing to live, to follow my heart; to not expect security or comfort, but to enjoy it, and see it as freedom.” We caught up with Kyiki to talk about her upcoming album and what it means to actually live free.

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The Estonian songstress releases her latest single exclusively for all the Moonchildren. Singer/Songwriter Kerli’s compositions have been gracing our airwaves for years on singles from artists ranging from Demi Lovato to SNBRN.  Today, she offers us another majestic songscape with her new tune “Racing Time”, an ethereal Alice In Wonderland inspired song that crosses lines…


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The short list of what we love this June. Caveman: Otero War This week, Brooklyn indie rock five-piece drop Otero War, their third full length album release. Laden with retro vocal slapbacks, top notch composition and pop rock production prowess with Albert Di Fiore (producer) and Michael Brauer (mixing), Caveman hit their stride on #3…