We’re launching an early access program for Sync Android builds. As we’ve developed Sync, community feedback has been crucial in determining our user experience and feature set.

Today we’re excited to put out the call for early access users to sign up, take early builds for a spin, and help us identify bugs and further refine the product. Our goal is to continue to incorporate your feedback into our Android product to build the best experience possible.

We know many of you have been asking for the ability to have Sync access files on your SD card on an Android device and this feature is part of the first beta build for Android 5+ devices.

If you’re interested, use the button below to join the program:

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Peter Leppik, CEO of Vocalabs, takes us through the process of switching his organization from Dropbox to BitTorrent Sync:

Vocalabs specializes in building effective customer feedback programs designed to measurably improve the customer experience. We use immediate customer interviews and data-driven surveys to provide clients with actionable and real-time feedback. Inherent to this process is collecting customer data, some of which is sensitive or subject to a client’s data protection policies. Managing this data securely and effectively is crucial to us.

Sensitive client data we hold is all stored on our secure infrastructure, but we also need the ability to share documents and collaborate internally–for example, when developing a new interview script for a client or writing a report. We had been using Dropbox for internal sharing because of its ubiquity and ease of use, but we weren’t comfortable having our documents stored on a third-party service. Even though these documents don’t contain customer data, we would rather have them under our direct control.

Our use case requires individuals across the organization to be able to access the same spreadsheets, checklists, and other files remotely or from within the office. We explored using a shared network drive as an alternative to Dropbox, but VPN tunneling and other hurdles made the workflow too clunky for remote access.

Sync’s ability to move data directly and securely from device to device and keep it at rest on devices we control was the key feature. I also liked that Sync didn’t require us to subscribe to heavy services — the $40 / year Pro price tier is very reasonable and will easily scale as our organization continue to grow. Switching from Dropbox to Sync was pretty much plug and play and we’re continuing to enjoy the security, control, and speed Sync provides.

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Matthew Bartle, Director of IT at Lumsden & McCormick, shares how he uses BitTorrent Sync to replicate database files between an onsite backup server and an Amazon EC2 instance:

Lumsden McCormick is one of the leading certified public accounting and consulting firms in Upstate New York. We serve corporate and privately held businesses, exempt organizations including nonprofits and governmental entities, and individuals. In addition to traditional audit and tax services, our Firm provides non-traditional services including business consulting, litigation support, accounting software implementation and forensic accounting services.

We chose to store a database server running a CRM app using MSSQL Express in the cloud so that the data would be accessible to users from outside the office. We use an Amazon EC2 T2.micro instance. These instances are designed by Amazon for workloads that do not use the full CPU consistently and are very cost-effective.
The desired workflow was to back up our SQL database files every night to a file on the EC2 server, and use a backup solution to replicate those files to the onsite backup server.

Using the EC2 T2.micro instance presented two challenges. Firstly, because the instance is not on our network, I was unable to use the current backup software we use within our own organization, which is limited to the LAN. Secondly, because the T2.micro instances have a low CPU allowance, they need to run at low utilization. Our cost to store data in EC2 could ramp suddenly if we burned processor credits beyond our initial Amazon plan.

The initial software we used for this workflow was chosen because it could sync files into the EC2 cloud, but we had constant issues with CPU utilization on our instances being too high and frequently ran out of credits.

My search for a solution lead me to BitTorrent Sync – I was hopeful that Sync’s architecture would reduce the processor load on EC2. Sync was simple to set up and once running, just worked – the load on the T2.micro instance was almost unnoticeable unless Sync was actually moving data.

Using Sync I can transfer data offsite in real-time, and with the history view I can verify every day that data is being moved. Sync’s flexibility and efficiency makes it a tool I’m excited to be using.

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