Build the Future of the Internet with Project Maelstrom

Today marks the next step toward a distributed web with the beta release of Project Maelstrom. With Project Maelstrom, we aim to deliver technology that can sustain an open internet; one that doesn’t require servers, that allows anyone to publish to a truly open web, and that uses the power of distributed technology to scale efficiently.

Let’s start building the future together. Here’s what’s new since the alpha release:

The developer tool for publishing will help you build for Project Maelstrom easily, even from the command line. This will streamline the process for creating and publishing content for other users to access while using Project Maelstrom. For more information, check out the project on Github.

The new beta of Project Maelstrom has the ease of use of a browser, with all of the power of BitTorrent technology. We hope you enjoy building with it.

Rob Velasquez
Written by: Rob Velasquez

Rob is Product Manager of Project Maelstrom at BitTorrent, Inc.

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  • Giulio Prisco

    Awesome “Netscape moment” !

  • vedajkavil

    mealstrom is amazing
    thanks to

  • Jacob Share

    My site is a WordPress blog, which is dynamic, but the W3TC caching plugin generates static files. Would it be possible to use the publishing tools to work with those generated static files?

    • sunk818

      I think if you can browse your pages as local files on your computer (without any dynamic or server involved processing), you can host it on on the platform. You just create a torrent with a index.html as your home page and your WordPress pages. The infohash of the torrent is what your use as the URI: bittorrent://infohash_here/index.html

      • Jacob Share

        Would it matter if the static files contained javascript for client-side processing?

        • sunk818

          Nope. As long as the pages are retrieved it will be processed client side. Maelstrom is really alpha quality at this point, so I’d be wary of serving small files through Maelstrom and magnet URI’s. I’d probably use HTTP/HTTPS for now.

  • Sam Jones

    If I understand it correct, noone can shut a website down, right? It would be THE next thing for human rights, BUT, whats with the **** who make a website with childporn or something else?

    • ftx

      Any technology is a neutral. Only people make technology useful or harmful. Continuing your idea, you can add the prohibition of hard drives – they are used to store child porn. Monitors sometimes is used to display it. Cash is often used to pay for prohibited goods. Maybe they should also be banned?

      Note that the proposed network is not anonymous. It seems more productive to deal with bad people.

  • Ankit

    your given setup is not working with windows 10 tech preview 2

    • Rob V

      Thanks for the feedback, definitely something we’ll look into but it’s hard for us at this stage to support preview builds of Windows.

      • Erick Soares Figueiredo

        On my computer not opening any page torrent. What make?

  • sunk818

    If you are serving specific files in Maelstrom, the current Bittorrent protocol seems like an inefficient way to serve small files. If a file piece is 512k, to serve a 4k web page would require the entire file piece of 512k to be downloaded. Is there any thought to extending Bittorrent protocol so you can have variable file piece sizes? Say you have an upper limit of 4MB, but smaller files are hashed by the individual file. I could see this introducing new issues, but also solving a lot of current problems we face.

    • Rob V

      We’re working on ways to improve this. Currently an idea is to set piece size as 16 kiB for small web assets and publish a separate torrent with larger piece sizes that contains any larger assets like images and videos. Then we’d rewrite the original HTML links to point to the newly created torrent assets directly.

      • sunk818

        Its not a bad idea as a workaround, but it still shows the disadvantage of using piece sizes in torrents. Being able to have variable piece sizes besides the last piece would go a long ways to moving the Maelstrom project forward. I know it reeks of the early BitComet days to pad piece sizes with empty files, so I think changing the protocol to allow variable piece sizes is a better approach. More overhead, but better for the end users overall.

  • Charles Van Noland

    A distributed web platform is something I’ve been wanting to do myself for a few years now, since the days of CISPA and SOPA. I am excited for Maelstrom, but am unable to get the install to work on my windows 8.1 netbook. There are no errors, it starts loading up, I see it launches setup.exe as well, but then both close after a beat.

  • Andrea Verocio

    Where is the source code ?

  • irfan shaikh

    It’s not getting install on Windows 7 either…

  • Erick Soares Figueiredo

    It will be set up equivalent to Youtube and Facebook in this format?

  • aeonpi

    I have just installed and the browser crashes when I use the flash player, It also crashes the page for Youtube. Is there anyone on tech support.?

  • Gabriel González

    This project can be really big, but it still needs to release a Linux version and if you can share the source code with GPL would be perfect.

  • alianos

    Is there a discussion forum for this somewhere? I can’t seem to get more information. I wonder for example if we don’t have servers, how do we handle user accounts. (I write this from within maelstrom btw 😀 )

  • Jonathan Cross

    Will Maelstrom have baked-in anonymity / private communication between peers?