BitTorrent Bleep Alpha Goes Public, Introduces Mac and Android apps

Private Voice & Text App Opens Test Community to All Interested Parties

Communicating with friends, family and coworkers is easier than ever, but at what cost? The Internet promotes the free exchange of information, but we often sacrifice privacy for the sake of convenience. Cloud-based services store personal information and private moments on servers, making them vulnerable to attacks.

Here at BitTorrent, we’re working on a way to change that.

At the end of July, we offered invite-only access to our first peer-to-peer chat client, Bleep. With thanks to input from the Bleep Alpha test group, our team has been hard at work ironing out kinks. Today we take the next step, making the Bleep Alpha publicly available for any willing tester to try it out. This next stage introduces Bleep apps for Mac and Android will be available today.


So this is a conversation about privacy. About the ability to freely have conversations. Privacy should not be up for debate. And privacy should not be hard to achieve.

Bleep testers can sign-up with an email or mobile number, or access the client in incognito mode; meaning no Personally Identifiable Information is necessary. Currently, you can make voice calls and send texts to contacts who are online only. There are options to import your Google address book contacts, and to invite friends to Bleep via email, SMS, QR code, or a public key. You can now move an existing account to an Android device and receive inbound messages across all devices.

Every message sent through Bleep is fully encrypted, end to end, and only stored locally on your device, ensuring privacy with every message. Users can also easily delete their encrypted message history, leaving no trace of conversation behind.

As with any Alpha, there are some known issues and bugs to work out. Android users will need to set the app to “Wi-Fi Only” unless you have an unlimited data plan; this is only for the time being while we iron out and issue related to battery and data-plan. And while you can move a username from desktop to mobile, Bleep does not yet support moving an existing account from Android to the desktop. And while you can receive messages on multiple devices; messages sent will not be seen across all devices. As with our previous release, communications happen only when all parties are online – you cannot send offline photos or group chats asynchronously.


And finally, today we are unveiling the official Bleep logo. This has been inspired by the simplicity of a folded note. You write a message, fold it up, and hand it to your friend. It is fast and efficient. There is no middleman. The image of a folded note is designed to be a symbol of speed, privacy, and peace-of-mind in the digital age.

Download the new Alpha online or through the Google Play Store and help us build the future of communications. Check out our forums for helpful tips, discussions and suggestions. If you see an issue, contact our Bleep Support page. And to learn more about how Bleep works, check out our latest post on the BitTorrent Engineering Blog.

Public Alpha on Windows, Mac OS & Android
Written by: Jaehee

Jaehee Lee is a Senior Product Manager at BitTorrent, Inc. He has a passion for working on new product ideas and strategy. Jaehee believes that great products solve a problem in the the simplest way possible. He also knows that understanding and working with users is essential to the process of building the product. He is a graduate of UC Davis and loves golf.

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38 Responses to “BitTorrent Bleep Alpha Goes Public, Introduces Mac and Android apps”

    • Thomas Busby

      Yeah, a lot of people who would be chomping at the bit for this, I’ve found are turned off by the lack of open source. One guy I spoke to in /r/rad_decentralization put it: “It’s closed source and based in the US, so I’m assuming a backdoor until proven otherwise.” …And he’s right to say that tbf.

    • Tjt

      I just uploaded it to Blackmart.
      Just look up Blackmart, its an app “store” where people keep it up-to-date by uploading their installed apps to it (just the apk obviously). I dont run it, just use it.

  1. Faiz A Faiz

    Used the close beta (thank you for that) and now using open beta. My girl and I are planning to use this as our primary chat to stay in touch. Thank you for this wonderful app. Please fix the Android bugs and release a Linux version as well. Filesharing (and related apps) is best served with FOSS. Thank you once more.

  2. tomthumb015

    I don’t have the very last android phone, but the bleep app will not install on my Samsung android 2.3.3 version?? Really? Skype, Viber, apps no problem. Want people to use it, fix the bugs?

  3. realbart

    I’d like to develop a Windows Phone app. Can I have the Windows source code? (if it’s written in .Net, it should be easily portable)

    • Stéphane Lavergne

      Yeah, I was very disappointed to see that their front page’s “All Platforms” with a big green checkbox actually only means Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. A web-native client could’ve taken care of all desktops in one swoop (including even chromebooks).

  4. Menelion Elensúlë

    Any plans on implementing accessibility? At least, for Windows? Sent a feedback to your tech support, they sent me to the forum. The sign up process is inaccessible there, also. Any thoughts?

  5. Ben Chiciudean

    What about Windows Phone App? Are we going to have access to the source code so I can port it to WP?

  6. Yarflam

    Serait-il possible de créer une base de données en ligne avec les comptes Bleep pour rechercher un ami ? On ne sait pas forcément l’email, le téléphone et pour obtenir la clef publique on doit en général le communiquer sur un réseau non sécurisé.

    Would it be possible create an online database with Bleep accounts for search a friend ? We don’t know everytime email, telephone number and for get it the public key, we call on an unsecured network.


  7. Simon White

    How is it possible for it to be secure, if BitTorrent has any operations in the USA? The US govt can issue a NSL to force BitTorrent to break the security, and to force BitTorrent to lie about it.

  8. michael t.

    is there any mean to keep updated on Mac app upgrades? does not seem that the command is working from within the app…

  9. mrzeen

    I can’t download: file: internet download manager and with serial number, why?
    I can’t download: file: download accelerator programing and with serial number, why?

  10. Albert Shurgalla

    I just signed up and did not receive my email code. Tried several times. What’s up ?

  11. Naufrage

    As so many asked: please make at least the client opensource. Don’t expect any reasonable privacy-minded person to use a closed source program …

  12. Arduinology

    Waiting for a Linux version, really surprised this didn’t come near first. I guess it makes sense in terms of mass amount of users though.


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