BitTorrent’s Chat Client Unveiled: BitTorrent Bleep Now in Invite Only Pre-Alpha

Speak Freely – It’s Person to Person.

The BitTorrent Bleep Pre-Alpha will be available on Windows desktop to start. Easy to use, Bleep offers freedom to communicate over text and voice, person to person.


Hoping for early access to BitTorrent’s first serverless chat client? We have good news. Today, we will begin letting testers try out the Pre-Alpha. We are also unveiling its name: BitTorrent Bleep.

Why Bleep, you might ask? Well, basically, we never see your messages or metadata. As far as we’re concerned, anything you say is “bleep” to us.

And with the susceptibility of communications platforms to snooping and hacking, reminders of which seems to surface every week, we realized that we were uniquely qualified to build a better platform and application.

Our big idea was to apply distributed technology to conversations. That means no servers required. This enables people using Bleep to make a direct, decentralized connection to someone they trust. Bleep offers the freedom to communicate without the risk of metadata being exposed.

Consider Bleep your personal redaction pen controlled by you and only you. Anything you say is Bleep-ed out to us and everyone else for that matter.

This unique approach to communicating will be a great tool for:

  • Friends keeping conversations amongst friends

  • Journalists communicating with sources without exposing their identity or their content

  • Members of the diplomatic corps sharing private dispatches

  • Businesses keeping communications confidential, safe from leaks, and safe from industrial espionage

Email invitations will start going out today to allow early testers access to our Pre-Alpha build of Bleep for the Windows desktop.  Here’s what you need to know about the Pre-Alpha version of Bleep:

  • It’s Windows 7/8 desktop only (other platforms coming later)

  • It’s Pre-Alpha, so we’re aware of some bugs and are expecting our testers to find some more

  • Users can sign-up with email, mobile number, or incognito (unlisted; meaning no account or Personal Identifiable Information is necessary)

  • Testers will be able to invite friends, but those friends will also need to be using Windows desktop (for now)

  • Testers will have the option to import their Google address book locally to the application to quickly find friends

  • Text and voice calls can be made to online contacts (no offline messages, yet)

  • The visuals, UI, and exposed features are still evolving; what is in the Pre-Alpha is not necessarily final

  • Currently, an account can only be used on a single device/installation and cannot be moved

BitTorrent Bleep

If you’ve already signed up as a tester, we’ll be notifying you soon with an email that will include a link to the Windows installer. If you want to get on the list for consideration in this round of testing, you can use this sign-up form.

Thanks for following our development so far, and stay tuned for updates as we roll the learnings from this pre-alpha into the next release.

– Jaehee

For support during the Bleep Pre-Alpha, please visit the Bleep Forum.

Further reading on Bleep:

Written by: Jaehee

Jaehee Lee is a Senior Product Manager at BitTorrent, Inc. He has a passion for working on new product ideas and strategy. Jaehee believes that great products solve a problem in the the simplest way possible. He also knows that understanding and working with users is essential to the process of building the product. He is a graduate of UC Davis and loves golf.

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  • chromaniac

    bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep. bleep bleep bleep. bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep.

  • oddchild

    Android and Linux versions are a must

    • Eden

      And iOS

    • Jaehee

      Android is in the works as we speak =)

      • Bhargav

        what about windows phone?

    • Дмитрий Иванов

      Android Android Android !!!

  • fn

    Iam looking forward to use it. seems to circumvent the encryption need rather elegant.
    love your stuff!

  • Eden

    It needs to match, feature for feature, services like Telegram (which me and all my friends switched to from Hangouts) in order for it to be a contender… desktop versions for all OS’s, mobile versions for all platforms and (ideally) a web browser option

    • Tom Carrio

      It’s also in fucking alpha.

      • Eden

        “Needs” is a future reference, not current… I didn’t say anything about its current state, only that if it wants to compete in an already super crowded market of chat apps, it will at least have to match functionality to make someone want to move platforms

    • Joe Bush

      No, actually. It doesn’t need to do any of that. It isn’t a ‘contender’. It’s a game changer.

      • Eden

        Actually, there would only be one benefit to using Bleep over something like Telegram and that’s direct peer-to-peer communications… that’s hardly “game changing” to say the least… it’s a bonus, yes, but if it’s an inferior product as far as features go, then it’s hardly a game changer… besides… to call it a game changer in it’s current state (which is ridiculously basic) is a bit premature

        • Joe Bush

          In it’s current state? Seems like you have just heard of this project. It’s the concept itself that is the game changer. For me, and for undoubtedly many others out there, secure peer-to-peer communications is the key benefit, and there isn’t much doubt that it will receive a lot of the functionality that the competition has. But your assertion that “it needs to match, feature for feature, services like Telegram in order for it to be a contender” is a baseless claim. Bleep doesn’t need to take over the world of chatting to have its place.

          And for the record, saying that peer-to-peer communications is the only thing Bleep has going for it is like saying on-demand streaming is the only thing Netflix has going for it. The only sound you’ll hear after such a statement is that of palm and face meeting.

          • Eden

            No… I actually signed up months ago when it was first announced, so your assumption is way off… but you’ll convince yourself I’m making that up just to save my palm from hitting my face, but… think what you will. And now that I know you’ve convinced yourself your stance is not up for debate, I concede and admit that Bleep is going to revolutionize online communication.

            And not for nothing, but your argument in and of itself agreed with my statement of “there would only be one benefit to using Bleep over something like Telegram and that’s direct peer-to-peer communications” because you came back with “For me, and for undoubtedly many others out there, secure peer-to-peer communications is the key benefit”

          • Joe Bush

            I assumed nothing. I said how you “seemed”. And it isn’t a matter of being convinced of anything. It’s your claim itself that isn’t valid. As an example, does it NEED video chat? games? cartoon mustaches? Like I said, there’s no reason to believe Bleep won’t get appropriate functionality suitable to a secure communications application. But stating it must match feature for feature or it can’t content just has no basis in reality.

          • Eden

            Lol… k man… carry on… there’s other people that need your reality endowing skills, I’ve said all I need to say here

  • Joe Bush

    Had to request a new invite for some reason, but it came immediately. 🙂

  • Alex

    Is there a google groups or forum where we can ask questions, post suggestions and interact with other testers?

  • LusoTycoon

    1. Fresh Installed.
    2. Inviting friends: I allowed access to my google account.
    3. Looked at the list, but deselected everyone.
    4. Bleep shows the loading bar moving but has everything grayed out.

    As long as I can see, it doesn’t stop after a while. Restarting the software doesn’t help.
    any idea? bug?

    • Christian

      Have you been able to sort this out? Or are you still having trouble?

      • LusoTycoon

        Still not working…. 🙁

        • Christian

          Sorry about this. We’ll sort it out, it just may take a bit as it’s the weekend. Can I ask the favor of bouncing this query over to the forum? The team should be a big more engaged there. I’ll also ask put this in front them.

  • Valentin

    Yeah… This needs to be open source, or it’s useless.

    • Jonny

      Exactly. Nobody is just gonna take companies promises of privacy anymore.

    • sunk818

      You say open source so it can be vetted like OpenSSL and heartbleed?

      • Leon Belmont

        At least you could know the vulnerability and people can fix it, otherwise you will never know what is under the hood.

        • sunk818

          You mean like bash and shellshock?

  • shengruoyu

    I get the notification “we’re unable to sign up at the moment,please try again later”

  • Michael

    Is there an issue tracker or anything we can post bugs/issues we come across?

    • Rudolfs Caune

      Check invitation email. At the bottom there is link for reporting issues.

      • Michael

        Yeah I found that, thank you I was looking for something of an issue tracker but then again most closed sourced projects don’t have a public issue tracker….

  • yudhir

    How does it work?

    • Joe Bush

      Install…Set up profile…Add friends…chat

      • yudhir

        Bleep! is this a YO replacement app !!:)
        Yeah , more technical part of it.

  • Nimda

    i received the email, but when i follow the link to download the installer i get a white page with “No matching rule” error…

    • Lara D

      I get the same. I’m using Firefox 31.0 with Ghostery

      • tadziz

        Same for me.

    • Paco Ribas

      Me too, what’s happend? :-O

  • Alexander Kozlov

    Can’t download. Got “No matching rule” message

    • Moritz Jaeger

      Same here.

    • Buğra Yurdagül

      Same here too.

    • Darkrock

      The Same here.

    • hanno

      Same message here

    • metzyn

      Same 🙁

    • pré pré

      change in the end of URL …bleep_072014 to bleep_062014
      dunno if it’s legit current version
      but it works at least

      • Alexander Kozlov

        Thank you!

    • Дмитрий Иванов

      I just was. now works

    • Jaehee

      Thanks for the feedback. It should be fixed now. Please try again.

  • Damian Adelle

    I got today my invitation mail, and like other people, I also get the “No Matching Rule” message, are the invitations expired already?

  • Dravord

    Windows only?
    If I wanted security and privacy I wouldn’t use Windows in the first place. Wrong target audience my friends.

    • Joe Bush

      What a nonsensical comment. Windows as the first available client in pre-alpha is an obvious choice. They have in no way said that Windows is the only planned platform they’ll support.

    • 1024GBofRAM

      Other platforms are coming soon..

      • Jaehee

        This is correct. Other platforms are currently being developed.

  • Ankur Lathwal

    Can’t Download….error – “No matching rule” please sort it out quickly,….:(

  • Althaea

    Cannot download. “No matching rule”

    • Дмитрий Иванов

      now works

    • Jaehee

      Thanks for the feedback. It should be fixed now. Please try again.

  • 1024GBofRAM

    Cant download .. No matching rule ..

    • Jaehee

      Thanks for the feedback. It should be fixed now. Please try again.

      • 1024GBofRAM

        Yes . Downloaded .

  • rudak

    Is a linux version availlable ? thx

    • 1024GBofRAM

      No .. hope will be launched soon..
      Windows 7 and Windows 8 are in pre alpha currently ..

  • Jake Cattrall

    Well what a shambles! It’s been several hours and the download link has not been fixed. There is also no-where to discuss our experience and post feedback as a community. My interest is starting to reach the low levels of those who are managing this project. Well played…

    • Joe Bush

      This is pre-alpha. Stop whining. Just go away and wait for the final release. This isn’t for you.

      • Jake Cattrall

        They must have read my message because it’s fixed. You don’t have to thank me, I’ll just presume you’re grateful.

        • Joe Bush

          People have been mentioning the problem…..POLITELY…..since last night. I doubt very much that your message expressing how ungrateful and disappointed you are had any impact on the situation.

          • Jake Cattrall

            My bold and gripping message had as much impact as Colonel Sanders did on global obesity. Hell, you replied to it didn’t you?

          • Joe Bush

            So, the fact that someone saw your comment, in this rather short list of comments, and was so perturbed by the selfish and disrespectful nature of the content that he felt the need to point it out, is a good thing?

            Let me say it another way….someone thinking you’re an idiot is a good thing? In that case, triple thumbs up to you, sir. Well done.

          • Jake Cattrall

            Yes, we get things done, look at G.W Bush.

          • Joe Bush

            Yes, idiots get things done. Unfortunately, it usually just causes more work since others have to undo it.

          • Jake Cattrall


          • Joe Bush


  • rudak

    You can add me whith my public key for tests : 9a750b168207976086e3009fa75d96180a94d0d07198a978d4ca48487f7b8145

  • Mike

    I’m liking this already! – What’s the method of encryption?

    • Joe Bush

      From the other blog entry:
      “All links are encrypted. We are using secure encryption protocols such as curve25519, ed25519 , salsa20, poly1305, and others. Links between nodes are encrypted. All communication is end to end encrypted. This should be the new normal in the post-Snowden era.”

  • Artiya Thinkumpang

    Please add me. My public key:

  • Rafael Almeida

    I want to build an iOS for it. Is there an API available?

    • 1024GBofRAM

      You are going to build an iOS ? lol

      may be coming soon , but no so soon..

  • Rudolfs Caune

    Installation was succesfull. Then i invited two people using publick keys. I chatted with one of them and one of messages did not send. It showed red ring with ! inside. I asked one i was chatting with and he said he did not received that message. This probably is bug. I send 3 messages in a row and second did not send.

    • Rudolfs Caune

      Also using public key he saw my real nickname but i saw only his public key as nickname

      • Joe Bush

        My friend say my email address as my nick. I have never had my email entered in the nick field.

        • Jaehee

          Thanks for the feedback. Some of this is already on our roadmap.

  • Rudolfs Caune

    In the future when file sending will be implemented, then sending file to group of people will be much faster using bittorrent technology than just a single file to each person.

    • Jaehee


  • E-TARD The LifeCaster

    WoW this is soo cool 😀
    I can’t w8 to get my hands on it.
    what Audio Codec does it use for the voice chat?

  • Moritz Jaeger

    can we have a hash of the file to verify?

  • Kev Burns

    Bleep me @ afc6c9f2a5b6f2358b9755f91e11ea2ff0ba7366938ab34555bb67709a592f7f

  • Дмитрий Иванов

    tried the program. works fine, calls, chat. sorry there is no file transfer. even contact of the book can not be removed

  • Дмитрий Иванов

    I do not like that you need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

  • Busch Datenschleuder

    Add me @ d6b4e01cf84ff787d418cd8b2bfc439fc1ee8569271670104537fdc744d4fb11

  • ʞǝɹɐɯ sɐɯoʇ

    just tested with a stranger, works prefectly, only one message was not delivered (indicated with a red icon). I also hit the green handset icon, heard calling signal, but the other party heard nothing. Well, Alpha, so no whining.

    • Joe Bush

      I had a problem with calling too. Got it working by opening up the firewall for bleep.exe to Public.

      • ʞǝɹɐɯ sɐɯoʇ

        Thanks, but that’s not the case in here. My FW did not complain. Will give it a try again tomorrow.

        • Joe Bush

          Mine didn’t complain either. I just couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working and gave it a try. Voila. Could be a coincidence. Good luck.

  • Ben T

    Someone add me on Bleep my email is

  • Ben T

    Add me on bleep! 78f86fc10b6d4cc92ff0cb66178323ad44664aa251fa4f12239943a042cc0c3d

  • Sir TittyTwist

    This looks almost exactly like Tox…

  • Christian

    Hey all, we’ve set up a forum for Bleep testers here: … please keep the feedback coming over there!

    • 1024GBofRAM

      Link is Forbidden.

      You don’t have permission to access /forum/118-bittorrent-bleep/ on this server.

      Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

      • Christian

        The link is working as far as I can tell. Are you still having issues?

        • 1024GBofRAM

          Yes.. still having problem..

          • Christian

            Looking into it, stand by it may take a bit to sort out (Saturday!).

          • 1024GBofRAM

            Sure thing!.

          • Christian

            can you shoot me an email? christian at bittorrent dot com. thanks!

          • 1024GBofRAM

            You would have received email .
            [MyDisqus Username at Google’s mail service dot com]

        • 1024GBofRAM

          See whether my IP is blocked …

  • Guest

    The ability of the client to ‘store and forward’ messages would be a great feature. If a contact is offline, common contacts that are online can receive the message until the original contact is online again. The message is encrypted with the first contacts public key, so messages can’t be read by others. This would require clients to confirm common contacts (which would be sent hashed) and also causes more traffic, but has some clear advantages. Users would, of course, need to opt in to such a function.

    It’s probably a big order, but better to put it out there than not request it at all. 🙂

    • Joe Bush

      Amazing how a deleted comment posted using Disqus become a guest comment.

  • unknown

    is bleep open source? why not? why should i thrust you? why i cannot poste anonym?

  • emrys

    im interested in how exactly they solved the problem of authentication. maybe a blog post or a short whitepaper on some of those technical details would help?

    if this were open source, it would really help the community build on your ideas, and push developers to envision more decentralized architectures.

  • Дмитрий Иванов

    After 25 minutes the error:

  • 1024GBofRAM

    Could not install on Windows 7 64-Bit ..
    windows says application is not properly configured, please contact your vendor .

  • 1024GBofRAM

    Guys Bleep me ..


  • Zhijun Tan

    What is the difference between bleep and bitmessage? the former is like instant message? and the latter email?

  • Aniruddh D

    Avast giving “connection abort or continue” alerts for too many dll files when i was installing to my Windows 8.1 pro

  • astro

    Make it usable with XP. Windows 7 is full of more NSA backdoors than XP is.

  • sunk818

    In the µTorrent client, there is a tab to leave comments about torrent (based on the infohash?). I am wondering if bleep is related to the comments of that client.

    • Farid Fadaie

      No. Bleep is built from scratch and is optimized for transferring SIP signals and media over RTP. The comment section in uTorrent is achieving a different goal using a completely different technology.

  • kweku

    I cannot download am on mac os…. and it keep asking for email i have already used 🙁

  • EelDQlie

    When installing it gives the systemerror; eula.exe – MSVCR120.dll is missing on my PC? Can’t continue 🙁

    • Bulmaro Mendoza

      the installer unpacks a libraries pack runtime 2013 c++ stuff, go to the temp folder, install the libraries pack and you’ll be on your way, =)

    • Jhonna Maccarona

      I have the same problem, as installer is trying to get x86 version of 2013 c++ runtime on Win7 x64
      i have tried installing the x64 version manually, before the Bleep setup, but the same issue arose again.

  • xxdesmus

    Not interested unless: 1.) cross platform (needs Mac and Linux builds) and 2.) open source so the code can be independently reviewed.

  • Ok

    0xc000007b problem.

  • Ronan

    add me: 1a7ea16f4bc69f1db4cfd2cc1ec8a2b72268c60e16268ec9a9224d04b32ac651

  • adamb303

    Keep getting an error during installation “missing MSVCR120.dll” installation quits after.

  • Habel Jacob

    Even after uninstalling bleep from my PC, it is still there. Though I can’t find it on control panel. How do I uninstall it completely?

    I’m waiting for it to release on Andriod Platform.

  • 12345

    get the error “we were unable to sign-up at this moment…”, using both email and phone number to sign up.

  • Bhargav

    on windows phone too?

    • Leon Belmont

      Hell no!! MS does not deserve any chances.

    • Victor

      I’m sorry, no.
      There might be people interested in developing a client for Windows Mobile,
      although knowing Microsoft’s policy about privacy and openness, I seriously doubt it.

  • Robert Barbrow

    TOX TOX TOX we get it can you let someone have a chance to get there product to market jesus

    • Victor

      Actually, I’ll do what I can (not much, really) in order to prevent for-profit companies from lulling people into a false sense of security with their closed-source software (which on top of that looks pretty much like a fork of the open-source alternative to begin with).

      Does it offend you in any way?

  • Sabba

    where is “i have an account” on android version??

  • MRezaK

    I just install it on my Android phone and test it. I know its in Alpha phase! But here my report:
    1) in voice call it use 16KB/s~18KB/s Traffic with great quality sound. But I hope you can reduce traffic less than 8~10KB/s. (I used ‘Internet Speed Mete Lite’ to monitoring Net Speed)
    2) Adding others without registering our Email address or Phone number was so confusing and hard to make it work!!?
    3) Sometimes when I go to Camera to take a photo and send it my voice call get muted! and when I get back to my message page it did not resume! I had to end call and call it again.
    4) some drop calls happen!
    5) I wish we saw Video Call feature soooooo soon.

    My Android Device:
    Samsung Galaxy Mini 2
    Custom ROM – v4.2.2 (CyanogenMod)

    Thanks for new Secure app, I will use it from now even in test phases…

  • João Pedro Souza Matos

    I want a linux version, when a bleep linux version will be released?

  • Jose Cayuela

    Can’t download. Got “No matching rule” message