Staff Picks: Guster

Boston, 1991. Three guys, two guitars, a set of drums. Guster’s brand of portable, stripped down acoustic songwriting proved to be just that: something shared, something that would become part of nineties dorm culture, and spread beyond it, too.

Six albums later, and we’re still listening. You should too. In this edition of Staff Picks: Guster, Live With the Redacted Symphony. It’s a ten-song concert album that puts a new lens on old favorites, including “Satellite”, “Come Downstairs and Say Hello”, and “Fa Fa”. And it is awesome.

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Written by: Porfirio

Porfirio Landeros is a product marketing manager at BitTorrent, Inc., where he primarily contributes to BitTorrent’s Bundles program. He also leads a double-life as a professional ballroom dancer, having traveled and competed around the world with his dance-partner wife.

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