Now in Labs: Building Secure, Server-less Messaging With BitTorrent Chat

BitTorrent Chat

This year alone, more than 6 million people have been impacted by data breaches. The right to own your own conversations online: it’s not a given. It should be.

So over at Labs, we’re working on something that could solve for conversation security. BitTorrent Chat applies distributed technology to the idea of IM. Our goal is to ensure that your messages stay yours: private, secure, and free.

BitTorrent Chat is a pre-Alpha experiment in server-less messaging. As we begin discovery, we’re inviting our community in for feedback, ideas, and testing. Want to solve for chat security? Hit us up. We’re accepting applications on Labs. Sign up, and help us build something sick.

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Catherine Meek
Written by: Catherine Meek

Catherine Meek is a Director of Product Management at BitTorrent. For over eight years, she's been focused on helping companies deliver innovative products; from personal security software, to the software that helped NASA go to the moon. Catherine has been a part of the BitTorrent team for two and a half years. When she's not building products, she's adventuring. The last country she visited (her 24th) was Colombia. Her dog is named Macgyver, and he's probably cooler than you.

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