Friday Download: Spoon


In this edition of Friday Download, we’ve got Spoon: Texas-based indie darlings turned alternative rock sensation. Listen to them in 1997, performing from the album that established their sound–The Soft Effects EP– all the way to 2008, performing from their critically acclaimed and creatively daring album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. Enjoy!

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Friday Download: Spoon
1. SXSW / Austin, Texas / 1997
2. Greek Theatre / Berkeley, California / 2006
3. The Norva / Norfolk, Virginia / 2008

Image Credit: Flickr

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    BitTorrent doesn’t equal piracy btw. You don’t point to it. You don’t have a pirate search. If people are using BitTorrent for piracy they are totally doing it wrong.

    Also if it weren’t for piracy no one would know what BitTorrent is.

    The first files Bram Cohen used to entice people to use BitTorrent were porn. I wonder if they were copyrighted? If so that would make you guys giant hypocrites. But hey what do I know? I’ve just been a BitTorrent user for 7 years.


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