30 Lessons For Aspiring Musicians: Introducing the Berklee Online BitTorrent Bundle


Anyone looking to get into music today is up against a lot of unknowns. But the most challenging question for many of us remains: how do I begin?

Well, you can begin here. In our latest BitTorrent Bundle experiment, we’re partnering with Berklee Online to build the world’s largest open music classroom.

Berklee Online is the Berklee College of Music’s award-winning online extension school. It was founded to solve the issue of access: delivering the college’s acclaimed curriculum to students around the globe, and around the web. Today, the school hosts a collection of innovative online music courses and multi-certificate programs, all written and taught by the college’s world-renowned faculty and industry professionals.

In collaboration with Berklee Online, we’re making a collection of some of this material available to all the Internet’s music students. The Berklee Online Musician’s Guide is a 27GB compilation of 23 in-depth music lesson videos and 7 ebooks, covering everything from songwriting and production to performance and business best practices. It’s pretty awesome.

Download the Berklee Online Bundle, and instantly unlock a 4-video sample from the Guide. Enter your email, and unlock the entire learning lab: 19 videos and 7 course handbooks. Select the tutorials and clinics that are right for you.

For over a decade, we’ve seen the power of BitTorrent in moving information. Our goal is to apply this to education; empowering the next generation of creators. If you’re an aspiring or established musician, the Internet is now your classroom.

Get the Bundle.

Find out more about Berklee Online.

Berklee Online Bundle: Contents

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1. Performance: Blues Guitar Clinic (video; Mike Williams)
2. Performance: Bass Clinic (video; Danny Morris)
3. Performance: Ear Training Clinic (video; Allen Chase)
4. Performance: Funk & R&B Guitar Clinic (video; Thaddeus Hogarth)
5. Performance: Guitar Chords Clinic (video; Rick Peckham)
6. Performance: Rock Drums Clinic (video; Rod Morgenstein)
7. Production: Composing & Producing Electronic Music Clinic (video; Loudon Stearns)
8. Production: Clinic 1: Music Production Analysis (video; Stephen Webber)
9. Production: Clinic 2: Professional Music Production (video; Stephen Webber)
10. Production: Clinic 3: Music Production (video; Stephen Webber)
11. Production: Ableton: Live 9 & Push Clinic (video; Loudon Stearns)
12. Production: Ableton: Live Looping Clinic (video; Loudon Stearns)
13. Production: Critical Listening (video; Dan Thompson)
14. Songwriting: Prosody and Tone of Voice Clinic (video; Pat Pattison)
15. Songwriting: Arranging Clinic (video; Jerry Gates)
16. Songwriting: Creative Writing Clinic (video; Caroline Harvey)
17. Songwriting:
Orchestration Clinic (video; Ben Newhouse)
18. Songwriting: Lyric Writing Clinic (video; Pat Pattison)
19. Songwriting: Writing for Film & TV Clinic (video; Brad Hatfield)
20. Music Business: Making it as a Modern Musician (video; Annie Clements, Sugarland)
21. Music Business: Music Supervision Clinic (video; Brad Hatfield)
22. Music Business: Website Best Practices (video; Bandzoogle/Mike King)
23. Music Business: Online Music Marketing Clinic (video; Mike King)
24. Guitar Handbook (ebook)
25. Piano Handbook (ebook)
26. Music Theory Handbook (ebook)
27. Songwriting Handbook (ebook)
28. Orchestration Handbook (ebook)
29. Music Production Handbook (ebook)
30. Music Business Handbook (ebook)

Written by: BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a company of over 100 people, based in downtown San Francisco. We’re passionate about building a better, smarter Internet through distributed computing.

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  • Marc

    Can’t find any ebooks in the download…

    • http://www.nettilive.com Nettilive.com – website designer

      yes that is true. i just downloaded them and i dont see any ebooks. just 4 videos

    • BitTorrent

      When you enter your email address to unlock the rest of the bundle, links to the ebooks will be sent to the email address you entered!

  • flo

    Hey there, I also can’t find any lessons, or ebooks, there is just a blank black page and BitTorrent is also not really doing anything. Is this a Mac OS x 10.5 problem? I tried it in Chrome and Safari.

    • BitTorrent

      When you enter your email address to unlock the rest of the bundle, links to the ebooks will be sent to the email address you entered!

  • Ron

    Yah, it sux – no ebooks included. WTF 🙁 ?

    • BitTorrent

      When you enter your email address to unlock the rest of the bundle, links to the ebooks will be sent to the email address you entered!

  • Tom MacIntyre

    Still trying to get the download started…it took a good part of the weekend to find the necessary instructions to configure the modem-router and Windows Firewall (I haven’t used torrents in years, and security and prevention have changed drastically, or so it seems), and I still don’t know if it is simply being blocked by my ISP. Downloading using Opera. The port is verified as being open using the utility that pops up as an option with the download (Opera’s?) and with PF Port Checker. The entire archive checks okay, but then there is 0.0% downloaded, 0 seeds, 0 peers. Maybe I should be using BitTorrent? Thanks! 🙂

  • Ashwin

    Can’t find any ebooks in the download…

  • Marc A. Gallo

    How do you unlock/open the Berklee Bundle?


  • http://soundcloud.com/many-fiend manyfiend

    you guys need to enter your email address at the next window to unlock the next 23 videos

    • Tom

      Sorry, not the answer in my case at least…it allowed me to download the starter torrent file, then when that was activated it showed 23 (?) files totaling about 26 GB of nothingness after doing a file check, but nothing was ever downloaded, the download stays at 0.0%…thanks!

      • manyfiend

        sorry to hear

  • BitTorrent

    When you enter your email address to unlock the rest of the bundle, links to the ebooks will be sent to the email address you entered! Search your inbox for email from “socialmedia@bittorrent.com”