µTorrent v2.0 stable release

There are very few software products that can expect to have an impact that is measurable on the scale of the internet-at-large. Its probably not too much of a reach to claim that µTorrent v2.0 is one of those products; yesterday we released the first stable version of µTorrent v2.0

To be clear, this is not just a glib assertion: we have spent a great deal of time and energy in designing and building µTP with the expectation that it can have a very significant and positive impact for both consumers and network operators. We have also publicized the arrival of the technology extensively both in popular and technical circles.

As we have discussed previously, the importance of this milestone is that for the first time the world’s most popular BitTorrent clients will be using the new µTP (or “uTP”) protocol by default. We will shortly start updating all existing users who want it to this new stable version.

The effect of this should be very positive for end users:

(1)    A µTorrent client no longer needs to be limited to some arbitrary rate limit for fear that it will saturate the connection and crowd out all other applications – µTP  will take care of this automatically at the level of each packet transferred. On average this will likely result in actual average download speeds increasing across the board.

(2)    Because the µTP protocol is designed to mitigate congestion on networks caused by poorly configured BT clients, it is possible that ISPs will take a friendlier view towards the protocol than they often take towards the older type of BT protocol. This *may* mean less BT throttling and faster download speeds for end users. There’s some early anecdotal evidence that this is indeed the case, and certainly ISPs to whom we have presented the technology have so far reacted quite warmly.

(3)    Although there have been some concerns voiced that users “don’t want their clients to throttle themselves”, of course the reality is that if the line is congested then nothing can be transferred. You may want to drive at 80mph, but if there’s a traffic jam you’re out of luck. µTP will mean that BitTorrent transfers are no longer the cause of congestion, and will enable the connections to automatically recover from a congested state much faster.

The effect on network operators will be also hopefully quite noticeable: We anticipate that a large proportion of BitTorrent traffic will start to actively monitor packet transfer speeds for any indication that there is congestion on the line. If there is even a tiny amount of congestion, no matter what caused that congestion, µTP will immediately slow itself down and allow the congestion to clear.

Of course network congestion is not the only concern of network operators, and we will continue to support efforts to enable ISPs to communicate preferred routing policies to clients (for example through the IETF’s ALTO working group). But we hope that to the extent that µTP is successful at mitigating internet congestion, it is interpreted as an exciting win for everyone involved.


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  • http://www.glop.org/ Laurent Raufaste

    Good job ! 🙂

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  • Giorgos

    Great work 🙂

    Are there any plans on open-sourcing µTorrent? If there aren’t, why not?


  • ABC

    Sounds like a big self-lauding orgy of verbal masturbation to me.

    I want an increased, sustained PEAK speed(i.e. maximizing p2p versus everything else that’s preferably killed off), not a slightly better average when screwing around with other stuff as well.

  • Josh

    µTP works fantastically. I’m impressed with 2.0.

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  • Matsu`

    As a 100mb FTTH internet user, that get 0 problems from my ISP (no port blocking no & no slowing bandwidth) i must say that i found utorrent 2.0 slower than the 1.8.5 version.
    it just is & the memory usage is higher as well.

  • uTPisSLOWdamnit

    Is there any way to remove the µTP “feature” of the new 2.0 release? Ever since installing it, µTorrent only uploads at a small fraction of the rate that it used to. I’d rather it dominate the my network like it used to instead of being such a dog. Stop making it “play nice”, and let it go fast again. Having it go slow by using the µTP crap should be a user-selected option, not shoved down our throats with no choice.

    • http://port6969.wordpress.com Simon Morris

      Sure – if you want to try it, it is possible to switch uTP off – you need to go to the Advanced settings in the Preferences and set bt.transp_disposition = 5

  • tissit

    Making “smarter” systems that dont do stop-n-go on your network connection and still reach practically the same peak speed as before (which is way above any other technology) is an excellent thing, imo.

  • http://non Hasan

    When I install utorrent.exe english, always the install menu comes in arabic interface which i do not understand, and also I do not have arabic regional codes/codec pack installed on my computer… This is causing me lot of frustration… Is there any way i install utorrent in english version… How could possibly this happen when i do not have arabic seen anywhere in my computer, does that also mean there is a virus made by arbas ??? Please expedite…

    • http://port6969.wordpress.com Simon Morris

      Thanks for your question – probably generally better to ask questions like this in the uTorrent forums at http://forum.utorrent.com/ – I suspect if you check your “Regional Settings” control panel, then one of the settings (like date/time) may be set to something other than English – this would not result in the OS language changing, but just the time – uTorrent might be mistaking this to mean you’re an Arabic speaker – just a guess – for further help I’m sure folks in the forums will know…

  • aristide


  • Crash

    I wish it wasn’t default on, because now the program is blocked for my private torrent site. Grats, guys.

    • http://port6969.wordpress.com Simon Morris

      We have made some fixes in v2.01 that should go stable shortly and will hopefully resolve this issue quite soon

      • Crash

        Well that’s good to hear at least.

  • Ans

    I think the upload speed reduces in utorrent 2.0??

    • http://port6969.wordpress.com Simon Morris

      It is *not* designed to reduce speed – it should be as good or better than the last version – having said that we do occasionally get regressions relating to edge cases that we continuously work to fix – if you think you have an issue, then please visit the user forums at http://forum.utorrent.com to report any issue and we’ll do our best to resolve it

  • http://friendfeed.com/rexsiteskrl BEATRIZ CURRY

    I don’t think I’ve seen this said that way before. You actually have cleared this up for me. Thanks!

  • http://www.jsoftj.com/Software/818/BitTorrent/ BitTorrent

    I can not find something, to say, but I wanted to tell you thank you

  • http://www.mmagreb.com maroc

    Well that’s good to hear at least.

  • http://www.torrentdestek.net Torrent

    µTP works fantastically. I’m impressed with 2.0.

  • enino

    thanx Simon Morris i switched uTP off and my utorrent works so fast

  • http://mobile-advices.blogspot.com/ Alex

    I like it release 🙂

  • http://www.solarhotwater-systems.com/ Dr. Ben – Solar Inventor

    This latest version lived up to the billing. Thanks for not compromising in your design!

  • brutivivcsi

    Segítene nekem vlaki letölteni a 2.0 mert nekem a 2.2.1 van ami elég lassú.Egyszerűen nem tudok vele dolgozni,mert azt írja ki a letöltésnél hogy hátralévő idö 40w 6d ez talán a 40 hét és 6nap?
    Talán ellett rajta állítva valami?
    Nagyon megköszöném!Nagyon fontos lenne!
    Elöre is kösy!

  • andre1264

    in my case it seem of slowing my dl abit.I have a cable connection pretty fast(30mbps)

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