Understanding the BitTorrent Ad Referral URL

If you’re an advertiser with BitTorrent you may have arrived here wondering why the referral URL for your ads is listed as bitmedianetwork.com. There are two reasons we selected a unique URL as our referral URL.

1. Many of our products are apps – meaning they aren’t websites that live in the browser.

For example:

  • The BitTorrent client for desktop and its Android app
  • Sync for desktop and it’s apps for both Android and iOS
  • Bleep for desktop and its apps for both Android and iOS

If you’re advertising on a website, the referral URL would be for the website where the ad appears. However, if you’re advertising in an app there is no website URL directly associated with that application, so one has to be assigned to it. This is the same for other applications that support advertising as well, such as Evernote, or lots experiences that are exclusively through mobile apps like many casual games that contain ads. They don’t live on a URL, so we need to assign one to them for the purpose of ad referral.

2. BitTorrent uses ads across multiple products, with more to come.

We didn’t want to force all of the products to share a referral URL based on one product’s name, so we chose a URL that could represent a breadth of products as a family under a BitTorrent Media Network (thus bitmedianetwork.com).

BitTorrent serves over 10 billion impressions per month against a massive and truly global user base of over 170 million active users. Our users are mostly male and mostly young – one of the most difficult and sought after segments that advertisers are trying reach today. If you’re one of our advertisers trying to reach this highly engaged group of users, we hope this helps you understand why the referral URL may work differently than the websites you advertise with.

Hopefully this has been helpful, but if you have any other questions, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you: adops@bittorrent.com