Version 1.1.0


  • Wallet installation failure crashes
  • Attempts to withdraw without a registered account related crashes
  • Withdraw and Deposit fields are cleared every time a user leaves the Wallet dashboard


  • Updated login and password creation flow
  • Updated Balance widget in Speed Dashboard
  • Updated the Balance behavior in the Wallet screen
  • Onboarding screens show up after BitTorrent Speed relaunch if user closes the screens without skipping or finishing previously

Detailed release notes:

  • Restored GPRC health check
  • Fixed crashes with upgrading non-passphrase based databases
  • Cleared “Withdraw BTT” and “Deposit BTT” fields when entering an amount with comma
  • Show incorrect messages for entering a big amount into “Withdraw BTT” field
  • Inability to submit a Withdrawal request for more than the current balance in the account
  • Cannot enter letters into the “Deposit BTT” and “Withdraw BTT” fields
  • Show error message for validating the input of deposit amounts in the Wallet screen
  • Invalid passwords reset on re-entering password in login screen
  • Consolidate database tools
  • Don’t make UI calls from controller without checking for UI visibility first
  • Automatically tag wallet release builds
  • Move “Learn more” to left hand navigation on the Wallet screen
  • Version number should propagate from one source only
  • Test logging and integrate into production ledger server
  • Duplicate and route duplicated traffic from live to test cluster
  • Maintain ledger uptime when database passwords rotate
  • Shorten closed channel archiving process
  • Separate the Wallet Password Enter UI settings
  • Separate the Dashboard UI settings
  • Separate the Exchange UI settings
  • Send failed transaction data from the Wallet to help troubleshooting
  • Updated Google Analytics tracking events
  • Update archiving logic to archive more records
  • Make the Private ledger seed phrase compatible with TRON chain
  • Add Import Wallet option to Wallet setup initial screen
  • Error message is shown when a user exceeds 20 characters limit for the password
  • Improve ledger-monitor performance and behavior