What can I do to prevent other people from hacking into my account?

Please note that, while we employ the highest level of security measures to protect your wallet assets, holding hot (online) cryptoassets is not without risk.
You are strongly advised to protect your device with adequate security measures at all times. Such measures include an access password, PIN, and biometric verification when logging in (among others).
Here are a few simple tips for your wallet protection:
  • Be careful about where you go online when you’re using a device that has a wallet on it. Dangerous websites and risky Wi-Fi networks put your wallet at risk. At the same time, do not leave your device unattended or lend it to anyone.
  • Phishing scams through ads and through email are rampant in the crypto world. Phishing scams are becoming more and more elaborate, so make sure email received from wallet companies have their domain spelled correctly and never look for their web address clicking on ads. Once you send a phishing website your private key, you can say goodbye to your funds.
  • It’s important to double check the address to which you send any payment transaction. There are malicious programs that can edit a “copy and paste” procedure in order to paste a different address, and that new address belongs to an attacker. It’s usually best to send a micro payment as a verification and then send the larger payment to the verified address.