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If someone shares a large folder with you, or there’s a folder you need on another computer, you may want access to it but don’t want to sync the entirety of its contents onto your device. When connecting to a folder, you are presented with a “Sync all” toggle, which allows you to choose if…

Steve Bliesner shares his team’s story:  Here at The Photo Booth Guys, our aim is to create beautiful photos and amazing experiences. There’s no detail too small; we look at every background, every prop, every print, making sure the final product is awesome. We operate in Australia and the United Kingdom, offering both photo booths…

Let’s say there’s a folder of files you’d like to access on your mobile device; maybe there’s something you need to review on the train ride home, or there’s a project file you’d like to show a client. Whatever the reason, the process of getting this set up can be challenging.

Sync Stories is a column dedicated to our users. Each week, we showcase a different use case for BitTorrent Sync and the personal stories behind it. In this week’s edition: Entrepreneur Matt Henderson shares how Sync helps him organize files at home, from important documents to things that his entire family needs access to.

Photos and videos take up a lot of space on our phones, especially with the resolution increasing with each new device that comes out. Typically when we think of backing up our files, it involves uploading them onto a cloud service.

Getting work done these days can often include little more than a laptop. It’s helped give rise to the nomad worker, an individual who’s not tied to a central location – working wherever it makes best sense (maybe they’re a freelancer, a remote worker, or self-employed). In this scenario, when a person does work anywhere/everywhere,…

Work groups need easy tools to share and manage files. Data often gets pushed into locations that aren’t easily accessible by others, be it a physical server, or even a folder that’s only on your local device – with files too large to share successfully.

Matt Singley is the CEO of Singley + Mackie, a creative digital agency based in Los Angeles with associates around the world: When I co-founded our agency in 2010, one of the core values we established right away was to let our employees and contractors be “intellectually green”, which often includes working remotely instead of in a central office….

When you create an account in the cloud, all your folders and files become instantly available across your personal devices; it’s quite convenient. Recently, we rolled out a new feature in Sync to make this available, in a fully private manner.