OTT News Launches As Test Case for Live Streaming

*Update, OTT News is now available for iOS and tvOS directly from the App Store.  Android users can still download from the Google Play Store.

It’s election year and things are heating up. High stakes are in the balance today with the primaries in New Hampshire.

OTT News (On The Trail and Over The Top) has been on the scene with live video from the 2016 campaign trail. Bringing an independent voice and new perspective to election coverage during the New Hampshire Primary have been: Alicé Anil (@alice_anil), James Reinl (@jamesreinl), and Doc Stodden (@docstodden).

The OTT News Crew

But that’s not all that’s unique about this election year “pop-up” show. OTT News has been broadcasting live to viewers each afternoon of the Primary using BitTorrent Live’s first mobile app. The team will be covering the results live on Tuesday and in between live broadcasts pre-produced segments will be aired.

BitTorrent Live allows for large audiences to view live video with low latency and without the need for an expensive CDN or pre-provisioning. The technology has been undergoing real world tests with a number of broadcast partners and OTT News is the latest.

You can sign up for invite only access to OTT News on iOS and tvOS. And Android users can download now from the Google Play Store.

If you’d like to read more about the benefits of Live, you can read our post, The Goldilocks Paradox and the Challenge of Live Online Broadcasting. A solution for all live news broadcasts and live streaming from events will be available this year.

Broadcasters of sports, news, and live entertainment can sign up to receive emails for more details on the platforms’ availability.

Erik Schwartz
Written by: Erik Schwartz

Erik is the VP for Live

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5 Responses to “OTT News Launches As Test Case for Live Streaming”

  1. sdf

    Bittorrent Live seems to be an incredible technology to producers of content and distribution. I would like to see more site using web torrent and also peer5 they work verry well. Just curious, when you said “Bringing an independent voice and fresh perspective to the election coverage”; you mean that they are only reproducing what is already said by the system and its establishment only by increasing the range of the mandatory “point of view” of what you guys in US call liberal elite? :):)

    What about Bleep. Any progress?

  2. hatfinch

    Should there be sound at the moment? I’m seeing this picture, but not hearing anything.


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