Project Maelstrom Adds Subtitle Support

One of the key features in Project Maelstrom is the ability to easily enjoy video and audio from torrents without having to wait for the entire download to complete. As you might expect, much of our effort is going to be focused on improving the media player and we’re happy to announce that one of the first features on our list has made it out into the wild as part of our latest release.

If you open a torrent or magnet link that has subtitle files included you’ll see a new option in the media player. Clicking on the “subtitle” icon will bring up a list of available subtitles for you to choose from. Currently, only UTF-8 encoded “.srt” files are supported but we’re looking forward to hearing from you about subtitles so that we can continue to make the experience better for everyone.

Maelstrom Subtitle Support

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  • Persistent DHT lookup visualization, so you know how magnet link lookups are going even after refreshing.
  • “Discover the Distributed Web” torrent has been updated, previously several of the examples were broken.
Rob Velasquez
Written by: Rob Velasquez

Rob is Product Manager of Project Maelstrom at BitTorrent, Inc.

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7 Responses to “Project Maelstrom Adds Subtitle Support”

  1. DarthHaro

    Only the Canvas Orbital and Index examples are loading. Todo List, Hartwig, CSS World, Solar System, and Alien Invasion are not working. Other wise I’m liking it and hope lots of html5 indie games adopt it.

  2. Erick Soares Figueiredo

    Hi, how I find this links torrents in the browser? Exist a kind of Google for torrents? Exist a Youtube in this format?

  3. Zhan Karibzhanov

    fucking shit this is, ever tried doing like the whole vizualization of moderate players, the ones that aren’t the fucking future of the web

  4. greyaltair

    the player can’t play mkv video type. and this is a huge problem for me. because a lot of torrent releases make them mkv. if we play the torrents in our players we can add any subtitle and open any video type. anyone know how can i do that, or what is the developers solution for this?


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