Bleep Now Publicly Available Across All Major Platforms

Private Messaging App Rolls Out for iOS and Adds “Whisper” Messages

Since our open alpha release last September, a lot has happened in the private messaging space. Services have come and gone, some have been breached and patched, and in many cases, users have been left feeling violated, or at the very least, changed what they say or do online.

We’ve been listening. Listening to our community’s feedback as well as the dialogue that has been taking place around privacy, data-collection, and the social cost of technology bringing us closer together. We’ve decided that one of those costs should not be your identity. And by identity, we don’t just mean your personal details, but also what you choose to say and how you say it. And with that in mind, we are releasing our latest version of Bleep.

No Personal Info Required.
To get started with Bleep, all that is required is choosing a nickname. You can share your Bleep key (under Settings:Profile) wherever you like: forum post, twitter page, etc. And no one will have any of your other details. Optionally, you can verify your email addresses and mobile numbers with Bleep, which will let your friends discover you through Bleep when they open an account.

In Your Hands, Instead of the Cloud.
Bleep’s logo represents a folded note – a message passed directly, hand-to-hand. In our implementation, we keep messages and the encryption keys for images stored on your local device, not the cloud. For messages and metadata, there is no server for hackers to target and because you hold the keys, images can’t be leaked to haunt you later. We’ve solved serverless peer-to-peer messaging, including the ability to get offline friends your messages when they come back online.

Be Bold, with a Whisper.

Bleep Message to Whisper crop

Brand new for this release, is the ability to send whisper messages with Bleep. For parts of a conversation that you’d like to keep temporary, tapping “Go to Whisper” on your phone sends messages and pictures that disappear from devices after they’ve been viewed (25 seconds); holding Ctrl on PC and shift on Mac while hitting send does this on your desktop. You can switch back and forth between normal and whisper messages seamlessly, so you don’t lose the flow of your conversation.

Screenshot, or Not?
Whisper messages have additional protection for screenshots. If a friend manages to capture the screen, they won’t be able to capture who said what, since nicknames are blocked out. And if you forget who you’re whispering with, you tap the “eye” to display the nickname, but the conversation gets blurred. They can capture the conversation or the sender, but not both at the same time.

Adding friends is easy…
Invite friends via your device’s address book, their email, mobile number or Bleep key. In situations where you want to add a friend in-person, you can scan/share a Bleep code (tap “+”, tap “Bleep Code”).

Free Voice Calls.
Start a Bleep-to-Bleep call with any online contact by tapping the phone icon at the top of your text conversation. Calls are connected directly (no cloud), with end-to-end encryption.

iPhone, iPad, Android and Desktops…
Bleep is now available on iOS, and has significant updates on Android, in addition to being available for Mac and Windows desktop. Each device you own is registered with Bleep separately, but you can add your friends to each device stay in touch.

Bleep is available now at And if you have any feedback, we’d love to know what you think. We’d also like to thank all our testers for helping us get to this exciting release.

Farid Fadaie
Written by: Farid Fadaie

Farid is the head of product for BitTorrent Bleep.

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  • Jon Fisher

    The iOS app isn’t available in the US?

  • John Jackson

    Also not seeing the iOS in the US

    • Farid Fadaie

      It takes a “long while” for the app to be available to everyone when you publish it. It’s propagating to Apple servers.

      • John Jackson

        Cool, Thanks!

        • Jon Fisher

          It’s up now!

  • karan singh

    Do you guys have any plans for windows phone??


      I cannot talk to my wife trough here…
      She has a windows phone…
      *Puts on; dramatical background-music & glances at you with puppy-eye’s*

  • Mr.Revalation

    Not available yet. Forget it. Don’t have the “urge” anymore. Next time better!

    • Jon Fisher

      It’s available from the AppStore now for iOS users

      • anonomous72663

        And Andorid users, but its flaky and needs its features finishing. They are rushing this out… that’s a mistake. Unless they know something about government plans that we don’t – to shut them down. It makes sense to rush out an unfinished product out then but they should also release all source code everywhere, quickly too.

  • Ashley Thomas

    Not available in Canada…

    • Christian

      Should be available Ashley, what platform are you using?

  • Urvin Kirindongo

    Doesn’t Ubuntu get any BLEEP love??

    • Jon Fisher

      I wish it was available for BlackBerry, too. They should expand the OSs they support

  • Guten Ye

    Plans for Linux Platform?

    • grin

      Actually some info on Linux plans would be appreciated. Not even search found anything useful, not even plans. Or statement against it.

    • henrycupcake

      BUNCH Of worthess pathetic nerds, lol u guys are laughable

  • jadson lourenço

    Voice messages? I see call, but voice messages will be fine too!

  • chromaniac

    I am not falling into the trap with another app from BitTorrent Inc. after getting burnt with Sync. It is easy to manage with the limitations on the free edition of Sync. But group messaging is a collaborative tool and I am not going to get any of my friends to switch to it because you can never tell when it becomes a paid service in the future.

    • MrChris

      I didn’t realise that Sync wasn’t now free.

      • Christian

        Sync very much remains free. There is also a paid Pro version. You can read more about Sync updates here:

        • grin

          Pardon me but it is not nice to play on words. Let me quote: “Free users have the ability to synchronize up to 10 folders”. That’s not what people usually call “free”, the proper name is “crippleware”.
          It is a completely different quesion _why_ is it so, why they will not opensource it and whether it’s a good or a bad thing; obviosuly they want to earn money by it and the only way is to force people to pay. Since Bleep development costs the same way they probably need a business plan to earn money by it. They usually go towards the crippleware way (based on their history) so you can expect limits to appear.

          I take it as an interesting thing as a test and and dangerous as a closed-source tool to avoid.

        • MrChris

          When sync first came out I tried to push it into the company I work for. Thank God I didn’t win that argument otherwise I’d look a right clown now after it was crippled.

    • anonomous72663

      Brilliant point.

    • fireitfox

      I am also wondering the same thing as some other people have posted.

      Bleep will soon become a paid application like Sync Pro …

  • Skeptical Screener

    So… Your idea of securing the messages… Is to make a user have to take two screenshots instead of one? Do you hear how ludicrous that sounds?

    • anonomous72663

      Another app I used recently prevented screenshots from being taken altogether by interfering with the underling process when it was running. Don’t know how but I think it was a side affect to a bug or something in android. Very effective though, could not take a screen shot no matter what you tried, you would need another phone to physically take a photo of the screen.

    • Joe Bush

      A screenshot can not show a proven connection between a message and a user. Sounds pretty good. Exactly what would you recommend??

  • Matthieu de Luze

    When would it be available in France for iOs ?

  • Levi F.

    Linux version please …

  • shawnleecl

    ‘Each device you own is registered with Bleep separately, but you can add your friends to each device stay in touch.’ – so can my friends add me using my email address and reach me on all devices?

    • Farid Fadaie

      We disabled using the same account on all devices until it’s fully implemented (the support was partial). Once reenabled, the answer will be yes.

      • shawnleecl

        What time frame are we looking at before it’s re-enabled? Hard to shift people over without this feature!

        • Farid Fadaie

          Many users (in fact most users) are only using it on one device. These are the people who usually use it for daily conversations. There are also a lot of people who like to use it on their computers too (usually when they work) which will be addressed soon by having full support for multi-device.

          Giving a timeframe in software development is accurate only if it’s already ready and we are just testing it which is not the case at this point. We might enable it in our upcoming alpha track pretty soon though.

          • anonomous72663

            Don’t be so sure, I know lots of people who moan incessantly
            about the lack of a portable apps like companion to Whatsapp or such like, only
            Telegram has an answer for that and not a very good one I might add. Also, your
            desktop PC app is one click deployed, not sure I like that at all. Are you planning to provide the executable as a portable app able to run from a USB.

          • Joe Bush

            Most people are currently using it on just one device because the option to use it on several devices has been removed. 😉

          • Farid Fadaie

            The measurement was from the time that the option was in fact available during our in-house user testing.

          • Joe Bush

            Fair enough. 😉

  • loopdigger

    Why is it not open source? Again… Make Bleep and Sync Open Source and show everyone that there are no back doors.

  • Andy J

    The Windows app (and the Android one) both say under “Add Device” download Bleep onto an Android phone and choose “I have an account” but when I download it on my Android device – there is no “I have an account” it’s instantly in to create a nickname and that’s it.

    • Farid Fadaie

      We disabled using the same account on all devices until it’s fully implemented (the support was partial).

      • Andy J

        Surely – the button should have been removed then?
        Also when I click on “Import contacts” on Android – I get a box that says “Network Error” every time.
        On Windows it wants me to log in to my Google account – which obviously I am not going to do – not in the days of OAUTH

        • Farid Fadaie

          We will probably enable it on our alpha builds. That’s why we kept the button for alpha users who would want to try this feature (and export from a non-alpha build). Having said that, I agree with you that it needs some polishing.

          On desktop the whole thing happens on your own machine (no server side on our end to handle oauth). It’s as safe as the oAUTH protocol itself (which is the only way Google allows third parties to access someone’s contacts). You can certainly ignore it and add your friends manually.

      • anonomous72663

        Seriously Farid, this is going to cause mayhem !!

        Withdraw the app now ! remove access or any suggestion of this functionality until its done – done. Then enable downloads again.

        24 friends have asked me the same thing in 12 mins. Its going to end Bleep if you start out all broken and with lose ends everywhere.

        BTW ~ Well done for being first to the post with a decentralized government proof app. Well done indeed, here’s to a working and tight little app future !

  • haimn

    What about Linux?

  • Apryl Padrón

    I received 9 text messages at 6:50am EST from various numbers, but all from someone named “Manny” wanting to chat with me on Bleep, and it included a link to download the app. They all listed different phone numbers and area codes. Needless to say, my husband was a bit confused about it. I deleted all the messages and reached out to Bleep tech support, I never clicked any of the links. I never even downloaded the app, so either some poor guy named Manny was given the wrong number, there’s some PR stunt going on, or there’s some weird breach in their system. Be careful.

    • Joe Bush

      Some guy named Manny, who has managed to put you in their contact list, has most likely managed to send a Bleep invitation to everyone in his contact list.

      This function should be removed from the Bleep app.

  • Alexander Kozlov

    Voice calls are terrible. I hear my echo louder than the interlocutor

    • grin

      Depends. For me it was clear every time. (To be honest Hangout call was more clear by a magnitude, but it’s still okay.)

  • anonomous72663

    Why are you deleting evidence to your association with the M P A A ??

  • anonomous72663

    Why are they deleting evidence to Bitorrent’s association with the M P A A ?? Each link I try to post is deleted.

    Anyway here is some text, anyone with common sense can then use Google to find out why they should be very weary of using Bittorrent products, when they could be malware.

    Many quotes have been taken down across the net in a bid to keep this secret, so look hard.

    Los Angeles – – BitTorrent Founder and CEO Bram Cohen and Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA) Chairman and CEO Dan Glickman announced today that the motion picture industry and BitTorrent, Inc. are collaborating with the goal of inhibiting film piracy. Bram Cohen developed a revolutionary technology for websites to make large content files available on the Web and that technology is often used by others illegally to distribute movies and television shows. Today Cohen confirmed BitTorrent, Inc.’s commitment to removing links that direct users to copies of pirated content owned by MPAA companies from its search engine at BitTorrent dot com. The announcement today is historic in that two major forces in the technology and film industries have agreed to work together and proactively identify ways to l and to promote constructive innovation in this area.

    This is Bram Cohen, the creator of the BitTorrent protocol, and Ludvig (Ludde) Strigeus, the writer of µTorrent.

    Together, we are pleased to announce that BitTorrent, Inc. and µTorrent AB have decided to join forces. BitTorrent has acquired µTorrent as it recognized the merits of µTorrent’s exceptionally well-written codebase and robust user community. Bringing together µTorrent’s efficient implementation and compelling UI with BitTorrent’s expertise in networking protocols will significantly benefit the community with what we envision will be the best BitTorrent client.

  • anonomous72663

    If this is not a sign that there is a conflict of interest between your freedom and the company known as Bittorrent inc, I dont know what else you need to see, a beheading perhaps ?

    In a recent item on arstechnica dot com, they talk of Bittorrent getting into bed with media companies, who as we know, what all of you locked up or to rape you for all the money they can.

    Ghanem says the music industry is “reconsidering us as a great
    distribution mechanism as opposed to the issue of their woes.” Both
    signed and unsigned artists have released music through BitTorrent,
    although the company has no deals directly with major labels, he said.
    BitTorrent is also in talks with Internet service providers to deploy
    uTP more widely, although names haven’t been released, and these talks
    are happening primarily in Europe and Russia rather than the US, he
    said. “We used to be at odds with the operator industry, but we’ve
    become kind of an ally to them and they’re looking to deploy this [uTP]
    technology within their networks.”

  • Jugaru Cristian

    Don’t forget about windows phone, it maybe the best platform for bleep

  • bbiran09

    No support for Linux / UBUNTU?

  • Nachiketa Ramesh

    Plans for Windows Phone? I already use Bittorrent sync. Please give us this too.

  • Chris Knutson

    Coming from the bittorrent team, I’m shocked there is no native Linux client. What gives?

  • ooooxh

    Not available in sudan ????

  • ooooxh

    is it available in alll countries

  • ooooxh

    my internet is ok ,,,it say failed ot contact registration servers ?? what to do

  • John Shellhorn

    I can’t get bleep to verify my mobile phone (iOS).
    It says it’s sending the code, but no text message shows up.
    Email verification no problem.

  • rs1

    Plans for BlackBerry OS 7?

  • LJ Dellar

    No debian package for Debian/Ubuntu/Mint?

  • Wendy/NICO

    Hi can we make international calls ? Or will that cost ? That would rock ! And no one cares about windows phones lol IPhone all fhe way baby ! Lol playing with you !

  • anontweed

    Why is BlackBerry so neglected by BitTorrent. I do hope Bleep is available for BlackBerry 10. Its a secure phone deserves a secure app.

  • jefferygriffith

    Great feature set, but that tiny font on the iOS app is killing me! 🙂

  • anontweed

    @bittorrent @disqus_IaiFgElhk0:disqus Why not crowdfund the development of the native BlackBerry10 app.
    Protonmail has plans to do just that.

  • Jared Veale

    Bleep is pretty awesome but I agree, it does need group messaging.

  • vjug

    I dont trust Facebook, Whatsapp or Bleep app. Telegram is my choice but I dont trust in that either. I did have so high hopes for Bleep app but close source and this company Bittorrent inc. seems to play two roles.

  • Gabe Vacaliuc

    Opening the source up / providing Linux binaries would be highly appreciated.