BitTorrent Sync 2.0: Skip The Cloud, Share Direct

When Sync was first conceived in a Palooza, it was a simple idea: create a tool for people to move files directly between devices. It was a little piece of magic that leveraged great technology.

Through the extensive alpha and beta stages, users found countless uses for Sync and their feedback has helped to guide how we evolved the product. Sync grew into a platform, one that gave you full control over managing your data; it was highly versatile, being used by everyone from creative teams working together on shared assets, to software developers replicating and backing up code. It delivered true privacy in the absence of a third party, and transferred the biggest files with ease and speed.

We’re now ready to take the beta tag off and deliver a final product.

Introducing Sync 2.0

All of the core functionality we introduced in version 1.4 last August still exist in 2.0, letting you securely share folders across all platforms, with visibility into who has access.

A bunch of new functionality has been added, from enhanced user interfaces across desktop and mobile platforms to a new certificates-based security model with even greater control and ease-of-use. Go here to check out all the many new features in Sync 2.0.

Sync Pro For Teams and Individuals

With 2.0, we’re rolling out a Pro tier that adds additional functionality for business workgroups and individuals that need more capabilities and control from Sync.

For Pro users:

(1) Once all your personal devices (from laptops and phones to storage devices like a NAS device) are linked together – via a private identity – all of your shared folders are available to you, wherever you need them.

(2) Folders can now be set up to access on-demand, letting you view the contents of a folder and only consume the files you need. It allows you to preserve the storage capacity of your devices, while having access to all your folders on all your devices.

(3) Control folder ownership and permissions anytime, via a simple dropdown menu in the Peer List. This allows you to change access levels (Read-Only or Read & Write), make others owners of a folder, or revoke a user’s access. As the dynamics of the team or individuals you’re sharing with changes, this lets you act in real-time.

Pro is available at $39.99 per year, per user (not per device), with volume-based discounts for those buying more licenses for their team or company:

[button link=””]Get Sync Now[/button]

Sync For All

To ensure everyone has the ability to sync and share directly, without the barriers of the cloud, the core Sync functionality is free. Free users have the ability to synchronize up to 10 folders, with no limits on file sizes and transfer speeds. For the first 30 days, all Sync Pro functionality is enabled, allowing everyone to try these new features.

Sync + NAS

Running Sync on a NAS (network-attached storage) device is a great combination. Just installing Sync on your storage device allows all of your files to be accessible on any of your devices and sharable to anyone in the world. Sync allows you to create your own personal cloud – one that’s private and fast. It also becomes your always-on device, to keep your files always protected and available.

With 2.0, builds are available for the following devices on our Website.

A Different Way to Work

From the onset, we invested in Sync because we knew that the BitTorrent technology would allow us to build the most efficient way to move data between people and devices. It enabled us to address major drawbacks of the public cloud, but retain the benefits. As the product grew and matured, each iteration focused on empowering users to do more and making it easier to use.

We hope you give Sync 2.0 a try, and that it allows you to better work with your files, share faster with others, and do more of what you love. And as always, happy syncing!

-Erik Pounds and the Sync team

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Availability: Sync 2.0 for Mac and Windows is live now (as well as Linux and Free BSD). Go to to install or update your existing version. The mobile updates (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Amazon Kindle) will be rolling out today, so keep an eye out for those. 
For NAS users, you can get Sync running on an expanded list of devices, which now includes Seagate, Western Digital, NETGEAR, Synology, Drobo, Asustor, QNAP and Overland. Visit the website for more details on availability and how to get started.
Erik Pounds
Written by: Erik Pounds

Erik Pounds is Vice President of Product Management for BitTorrent Sync. Erik joined BitTorrent, Inc. from Greylock Partners, prior to which he spent 3 years with Drobo. Erik graduated with a BS in Business Administration from the University of San Francisco where for four years he was a member of their Division I Golf Team.

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  • Mike

    Wait, just 10 folders? Does that count subdirectories?

    • Martin-Pierre Beaulieu

      Probably more like 10 “keys”.

      • Mike

        I sync 3 keys right now, and would be fine with a limit of 10. But each key probably has hundreds of subfolders.

        • LukeSkywalkerOfficial

          yeah 10 folders isnt much if you count subfolders that’s just ridiculous. It effectively kills off BitSync as we kniw it.

      • kOoLiNuS

        I think that Martin’s guess is the right one here (at least I hope so)

    • Kevin Fu

      Hi Mike, 10 folders can be added to Sync. There can be any number of folders enclosed inside that high-level folder, which will all synchronize to devices connected to the folder. If you have 11 folders added, when an active one is disconnected, the 11th folder will connect and start synchronizing.

  • Martin-Pierre Beaulieu

    I’m already syncing 11 folders. Thx bitch 🙁

  • Stuart Weenig

    Yeah, looks like I’m dropping sync now. “Look you can sync as much data as you want, as long as it’s in 10 folders or less.”

    Is this going to be implemented on the tracker level so i can’t just stay on an older version to keep the unlimited nature of btsync?

    • Kevin Fu

      Hey Stuart, Sync 1.4 is available in its current state on the forum for those who still want to use it. You can actively sync more than 10 folders with it, but it does not have all of the new functionality in Sync 2.0.

      • goaway

        fuck u

        • Nicholas Chan

          be nice.

      • Tobias Cohen

        Any plans to continue updating the 1.x version with security patches and bug fixes? I’m finding the UI for the 2.0 version a lot more confusing, and I really liked that I could have folders that were accessible (and visible) from only some of my devices, which doesn’t seem to be possible with the new version.

  • Joshua Ochs

    Initial user setup was extremely messy. Didn’t bring over any settings from BitTorrent Sync 1.4. Drobo installation simply doesn’t work, locking you out after theoretically setting your user and password. If you link a device and delete it (say, troubleshooting DroboApp borkage) there’s utterly no way to unlink it, not even with the “30 days of free Pro”. As far as I can tell it’s now there forever. If you try to point it at your existing sync directory, rather than do something sensible like notice “hey, all of these folders already exist”, it instead creates duplicates with new names and syncs those, leaving everything else unsynced. There’s no way to opt-out of “Pro” – I don’t want to merrily use features that I didn’t realize were Pro only just to be locked out in 30 days, let alone the nagging I’m sure is to come.

    I don’t mind charging for software. I mind poor engineering, poor UI, and poor rollout.

    • Kevin Fu

      Hi Joshua, very sorry to hear about your setup issues. Please contact Sync support at and we will do what we can to help you out.

      After installing Sync on a Linux device, like a Drobo NAS, you need to supply a username and password to protect the web UI since you can access it remotely. After creating this, your web browser will ask you to log in. Allowing your browser to remember this login information will prevent that dialog from popping up in the future.

      If you connect multiple devices and unlink one of them, it will show “offline” on the other device for 30 days. At that point, it will be automatically forgotten. Being able to clear old devices from the list is high on our to-do list.

  • Jonas Krug

    well, i guess i have to switch to syncthing now…

  • Dan H

    I’m rather disappointed about the 10 folder limit. I was actually considering purchasing pro to support BTSync, but this 10 folder limit changed my mind.

    I understand the need for BitTorrent to monetize the software.

    I think the Pro feature where you get to link many different devices together automatically and simply flag a folder for download is a great feature that I would have considered paying for.

    Having individual access control to different folders also is a great feature I’m sure people will pay for, especially per user access on an enterprise level.

    It would be fair to monetize professional level usage. Limiting syncing to 10 folders doesn’t leverage any professional usage, but really diminishes the experience for casual users such as myself. For example, I automatically sync files from my some of my phone’s app data folders that cannot be changed and thus require a separate sync folder entry.

    That’s not quite a “professional” level usage in my opinion and it doesn’t require any extra expense on the part of BitTorrent to allow unlimited number of folders synced.

    The 10 folder limit really has me disappointed and I’m now considering avoiding the pro version … and $40 a year isn’t a small fee either. Especially for something that doesn’t incur much expense on BitTorrent’s part as they don’t host any of our data.

    If anything, I would gladly pay $0.99 to remove the folder limit (to show my appreciation for BTSync thus far), while considering subscribing to the annual plan should I require more “professional” level usage.

    I hope BitTorrent will reconsider this limit …

  • Navjot Singh

    Monetize all you want but don’t limit the experience for your long time free users. That sucks. Time to look for an alternative. And for those who want one, try Syncthing.

    • Cheyne

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll be looking into Syncthing

  • Hlammm

    Бл*дство какое-то. Что за х**ня с ограничением на количество папок? Are you seriosly?

  • Hlammm

    И где программа под WinXP? I need software for Windows XP, new version don’t works! WTF?

    • Kevin Fu

      Hi, While Sync 2.0 does not support Windows XP, Sync 1.4 does and can be used with Sync 2.0. That version is posted on the forum at

      To share a folder from a Sync 2.0 device with Sync 1.4 device, a “classic” folder needs to be added. To do this in Sync 2.0, hold down the shift key when clicking the “Add folder” button.

  • Michael Williams

    “With 2.0, builds are available for the following devices (NAS) on our Website.” actually means “Coming Soon”

    • Kevin Fu

      Hi Michael, Seagate and NETGEAR packages will be available soon. Some packages we are able to make available on our site and some we cannot. Our goal is to get into as many NAS app stores as possible to make using Sync on a NAS as easy as possible. When Sync can be installed manually, setup instructions with be linked to from our downloads page.

      • Joe Richards

        How do we prevent our NAS from upgrading to 2.x crapware until we switch to SyncThing?

  • vcelloho

    The 10 folder limit for me is a killer and might drive me away from using Bittorrent Sync. I can understand charging for the new features but unlimited sync folders were a feature available from day 1. Losing this is a major disappointment and I hope that you will reconsider this decision.

  • kOoLiNuS

    It would have be cool to have it available also for older Macs (PowerPC or 10.4—10.6)

    • Kevin Fu

      Hi there, Sorry, but Sync does not support PowerPC Macs.

      • kOoLiNuS

        Thanks Kevin, that was clear. I was asking if you’re planning to give some support to this platform or not…

        There are an AWFUL LOT of scientifically used Macs on that platform.

  • zzmej

    how can I download the latest version 1.4 for windows and previous version apk for android? thank you | как я могу скачать дистрибутив последней версии 1.4 для windows и apk предыдущей версии для android? спасибо

  • chromaniac

    Boohoo. Removing capabilities from the free version to push users to pro version has never worked for anyone. Especially when the pricing of the Pro version is pretty insane for a casual user of the service. Just because I might have 11 folders to sync does not mean I am an not a casual user of the service. I hope the folks behind Syncthing get some inspiration from this new development and make their app a bit more simpler to start with. I am also getting rid of Bleep and other Bittorrent Inc. apps because they are likely to face the same fate in coming months.

    • Cheyne

      Likewise. I was really excited for Maelstorm and Bleep… But I’m going to remove Bleep, and will not be participating with Maelstorm

  • JackMeOffski

    going to syncthing now. Suck it Erik Pounds

  • BrandonG777

    I want to like this. I want to defend your method of making money but it’s a bit contrary to the torrent mentality. How about I pay you a one time $50 and we go our separate ways? No need to even provide me support, I’ll rely on the forum community. Why am I paying for a subscription? Are you running some sort of extra server somewhere (sharing my data with anything/anyone outside of my specified devices is a deal breaker)? Love the product, and I’m trying really hard to get over this because I don’t mind paying but a subscription seems dirty.

  • BrandonG777

    Yeah SyncThing looks nice.

  • BrendonBrown

    Yup. Syncthing. Bye Bye, BT Sync and all your promises.

  • Vince

    I believe it’s just the 10 top folders. I set up mine such that I just have two folders (To Phone and From Phone) with hundreds of subfolders within those two.

  • Mathieu G-G

    There was 35 comments yesterday,,, This place is highly moderated.

  • thyon

    After trying 2.0, I can’t use 1.4 anymore? What now? How do I “uninstall” 2.0 and go back to my beta 1.4? 1.4 has a folder-to-folder mapping, but 2.0 introduces the awful “dropbox” folder style location. This is why I wanted to use this app in the first place. This folder on this computer syncs to another folder on another computer.

  • Anton Alu

    It is VERY disapointing to limit the experience of long time free users, it is much more clever having to pay for some extra things. I am a person that pays for quite a few apps…. but defenitely not for bittorrent sync, I do not like the way we have been treated. But thanks up to now. I will now try “synchting”; thanks Jonas Krug.

  • Kostas

    I am supporting and advertising BTsync since the first day … I use it on phone,laptops,raspberry pi.

    And I was patient witha all the issues I had so far spending so much of my time (configuration issues mostly on linux and iphone… which were mixing with the updates and changes everytime).

    I was hoping that you will change your mind and release it one day as open source (Since you your marketing is based on security/privacy/etc …. this is a must). You had multiple requests on this from the beginning. but nothing… even the technical-security details weren’t public.

    Now with limitation on the number folders/secrets i have to drop btsync…
    (the unlimited data and folders it was a feature from the beginning and was a strong point in comparison to the other cloud services)

    who knows maybe you will limit it to 1 folder on the next release :/

    I am dissapointed.
    dropping off bt sync.

  • Chris Kupracz

    10 folder limit – LOL.

    I’m not interested to use it anymore – you are too greedy

  • disqus_NwP7TJbcA3

    I was really surprised to see this 10 folder limit. Actually, even more surprising was that “Unlimited Folders” was listed as a FEATURE for the Sync 2.0 Pro version…. That’s just deceitful.

    I might have contributed a one time fee for certain advanced features, but I’m not going to pay for features that are already available in version 1.4. Furthermore, I would only consider paying a subscription for technical support.

    That being said, Synthing is looking pretty good, so I’m going to drop Bittorrent sync altogether.

  • mversion

    Yeap. I can understand every effort made to monetize an excellent product, but the 10 folder limit for the free version has just made me convert to Syncthing. As a plus, Syncthing is completely open source whereas I always had to make a case for those asking what incentive BitTorrent has to NOT include a backdoor.

  • Bernhard231

    35€/Y per User. Ok, now I read every device needs its own license. Even 35€ is rather high, but I have a wife a kid with mobiles… 4 devices in total.–> 140 €/Y. I can’t believe. This is a joke isn’t it?!!!!

    • htellez

      quoting: “Pro is available at $39.99 per year, per user (not per device)”. It isn’t cheap, I would pay that as a one time payment but I refuse to pay that yearly.

  • Cheyne

    Will no longer be using Sync. I’m embaressed to have recommended this to so many people in the past.

  • Jon Baker

    if the 10 folder limit had been around from day 1 then I wouldn’t be upset, but this change is really a bait and switch. The ability to sync unlimited folders was one of the main reasons I chose BitSync and dropped DropBox – want to share a folder of photos with your friend? Easy. A different folder of photos with another friend? No problem. Have 2-3 folders of documents you want access to on your iPhone? Perfect. That adds up quickly and doesn’t make me a pro user. I was recommending BitSync to all my friends … not any more. $40/year is way too steep, and now I have to figure out what I’m going to do about all of my synced devices. Very disappointed as this seems to go completely cross grain to what I always thought BitTorrent’s mission was.

  • anonymous

    Bittorrent sync pro’s price of $39.99 is a bit deceptive. It should be given as $80. If you want to use bittorent sync pro to sync between your desktop and laptop then you need to buy two seats at $39.99 each. At that point it gets close to the cost of using a cloud server.

    • Joe Richards

      Actually a LOT of cloud services these days are cheaper, and you have a baseline speed (provided by their server) included. Dropbox also has LAN sync, so errmm why would we want BT Sync?

  • Bryan Su

    There is still so many Feature available to be develop, and can use it for part of your charging method. By charging using limited folder sync, really will chase away your user (i am uninstalling immediately and using synching).

    If you need money, then ask for donation. You will get more than you ask. Look at “Crap Cleaner” software, they did an incredible job but never charge any fee for it. Their donation keep pilling up.

  • famewolf

    The 10 folder limit crap was enough to get me over to syncthing. Why should we be surprised? This is the same people who messed with uttorrent so much that many users stay with an older 2.2.x version and don’t allow it to upgrade.

  • Joe Richards

    So now I can pay the same amount as most ‘unlimited’ cloud sync providers but provide my own server? Genius! BYE BYE

  • charvak

    The web interface on port 8890 is insecure. If it required, an https connection, I’d be able to open port 8890. It’s a pain to have to VPN into a location to change the Sync settings there. When will you enable SSL for the Sync Web GUI?

  • Jhon Albert

    Also a use of vpn will help in this setup of device to device as there are some restrictions in many region so here by using vpn the process will be done completely. Source: vpnranks

  • Ahmed Badr

    I have to say that the 10 folder limit made me switch. Besides I though Sync was open source….

  • Kali

    Please consider a 3rd tier of pricing for btsync. The 10 folder limit is not reasonable. The Pro version does not provide features that I want and I do not want to be worrying about annual fees. I suggest you provide a 3rd tier product costing a flat fee, e.g. $50 or so, but no customer support, that provides what 1.4 currently provides. I would happily pay for that. btsync is a good product and you guys deserve to be paid for your work. Don’t ruin it for most of us.

  • Mark Baseggio

    Yeah, going to go ahead and add to the chorus of disappointment. Ripping out features and calling it 2.0 is shameful. $50/year?bahahahaha, yeah right.

  • William

    I can’t trust a desktop application using html / web interface. Additionally, even I never used more than 10 folders, I don’t want to start using (again) BT Sync and after while realize I need to pay for a service, provided by myself.

  • James Jablowski

    Is there a way to reject the pro features from the beginning and skip the 30 days? I don’t want to have to change everything in 30 days. It seems like I’m being forced onto a rug that will just be pulled out from under me.