Help us Build Sync, A Call for Alpha Testers

We’re launching a Community Testers program to help build future versions of BitTorrent Sync.

Sync began as an experiment in re-thinking the way we manage our files. Working with our community, we built a strong alternative to the public cloud, providing all the benefits, without the limitations. It’s designed to be fast and secure, with no caps on usage. Millions of users and several iterations later, we’re still working hard to make it even better.

This summer, we’ll be releasing an update that will enhance the overall user experience – with an interface and feature set that makes sharing files with others much easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re an early technology adopter or an everyday dabbler, the product will just work.

So today, we’re putting out a call for alpha testers to give early builds a spin and help us refine the product. It’s a new approach to testing for the Sync team, and the goal is to hear more from our users directly and ensure that we’re meeting your needs.

Some features may be experimental and won’t make the final cut, but key components we’re planning for the final release include:

  • A re-designed user interface
  • Sharing with others by sending clickable links
  • Share from the Finder and Windows Explorer
  • Overall performance enhancements

Thanks to those who participate in this program and to everyone who’s active on our forum.

Happy Syncing,
-Erik Pounds

To be invited as an Alpha tester, go here: 

BitTorrent Sync Call for Testers
Erik Pounds
Written by: Erik Pounds

Erik Pounds is Vice President of Product Management for BitTorrent Sync. Erik joined BitTorrent, Inc. from Greylock Partners, prior to which he spent 3 years with Drobo. Erik graduated with a BS in Business Administration from the University of San Francisco where for four years he was a member of their Division I Golf Team.

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