Beer-to-Beer Report


Anything can happen on a Friday afternoon at the BitTorrent headquarters. We like to celebrate the end of the week with various activities such as pool, ping pong, poker, movie nights and even jam sessions. These activities are usually enjoyed while sipping on a beer from one of the three taps located around the office.

Last Friday, a handful of us decided to host an office bottle share. The idea behind a company bottle share is simple: bring your favorite brew to work to open and drink together. The result is a fun evening of drinking new beers, enjoying old favorites, swapping homebrew and engaging in deep conversations concerning the merits of adding ghost peppers to a beer. Between tastings, we cleansed our palates with sophisticated side dishes such as pretzels, cheerios and goldfish crackers.

As the evening dwindled down, we finished the last of the beers, cleaned up the bottle caps, and agreed that this should be a regular event. But next time we need cheese…definitely cheese.

Written by: Dan

Dan is the Digital Creative Manager for BitTorrent Inc. He can usually be found writing blog posts, updating BitTorrent Labs, or browsing Reddit when he thinks no one is looking. He likes working at BitTorrent because they let him keep his Star Trek bobble heads on his desk.

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