BitTorrent Tech Talks: Young Guru On the Era of the Engineer

The legendary sound engineer and The Sound of New York comes to speak at BitTorrent.


Every Friday, we meet up for something we like to call Tech Talks. It’s one hour devoted to sharing the stuff that keeps us busy/keeps us up at night/keeps us coding.

In this week’s Tech Talk: words from Young Guru, the legendary sound engineer, and The Sound of New York. With over a decade spent in production, three Grammy nominations, and records with everyone from Drake to Jay Z, Guru has changed the way hip hop’s heard. On Friday, he’ll talk about where it’s going next.

Young Guru will be dropping by BitTorrent HQ to discuss engineering’s new wave: the growth of DIY audio engineering, and what it means for the culture at large. Stay tuned: we’ll post video of the Tech Talk here on the blog.

Written by: BitTorrent

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