Friday Download: Dear Mr. Watterson

dear_mr_wattersonFriday Download is dedicated to curating the best download-able objects on the free web, courtesy of BitTorrent Bundle for publishers.

Today, we’re featuring a wonderful, heartfelt documentary about the cartoonist Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes. The documentary explores the impact of Watterson’s work and the love people feel for the story of a boy and his tiger. On November 15, the film will be released in select theaters and available on video-on-demand. Today, exclusive bonus footage and the trailer is available for download as a BitTorrent Bundle.

Check out the trailer:

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 1.23.52 PM

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Written by: Kathie

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4 Responses to “Friday Download: Dear Mr. Watterson”

  1. Steve

    Hi. I wonder if these blog posts could be made a little more geek-friendly? Writing that reads like promotional material from a marketing company makes me feel like I should just watch television. The whole point of the internet, for me, is that I don’t have to be hit with stuff like “DO YOU WANT TO RECEIVE EXXXXCLUSIVE BOOOONUS FOOTAGE, ALL FREE OF CHARGE? TRY OUT OUR BRAND NEW DIRECT-TO-FAN BUNDLED EXPERIENCE TODAY!”


    • Kathie

      Hey there. We appreciate your feedback! We’re working on making the blog readable without degrading the quality of the information. Thanks for writing.

    • Heitor

      Yes, it is only the trailer. What a waste of time, and the movie was $13….
      though was something interesting and attractive like Humble Bundle, but was only the same thing of always. Buy our interesting overpriced movies, if you like, you can buy via iTunes too, there is a plus: you cannot play anywhere else from apple hardware/software. And dont even think in watching the movie you bought in a pendrive in your smarttv, or in XBMC aside your collection, it wont work. If you really want something that works with no headache, please, visit


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