Download the Revolution: Madonna X Steven Klein’s New Film Project, Free for All on BitTorrent

For the past 48 hours, we’ve been bringing revolution to the streets. Madonna and Steven Klein’s new film, secretprojectrevolution, is an honest, raw look at human rights, circa now: a protest against censorship and complacency, and a call to action. The film debuted as flash projections in cities around the world. And now, it’s free for all. Anyone with Internet access, anywhere, can download secretprojectrevolution.

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The BitTorrent Bundle includes:

1. secretprojectrevolution Trailer 1 [Video]
2. secretprojectrevolution Trailer 2 [Video]
3. secretprojectrevolution Trailer 3 [Video]
4. secretprojectrevolution Art [Image]

Enter your email to unlock the film:

1. secretprojectrevolution HD [Video]
2. secretprojectrevolution 2K [Video]
3. Madonna: The VICE Interview [Video]
4. Message from Madonna [Document]
5. Message from Steven Klein [Document]

New to BitTorrent? Here’s how you get the Bundle.

1. Get BitTorrent (if you don’t already have it) here.

2. Download the Bundle. Enter your email to unlock the film, Vice Interview, and message from Madonna.

3. Double-click the file (in your Downloads folder) to begin downloading in BitTorrent.

We’ll do the rest. Once your download is complete, open the files, and check out the film.

secretprojectrevolution marks the start of Art For Freedom: a global initiative to further freedom of expression, created by Madonna and VICE. We’re asking the world to take a stand for openness, in the form of video, music, poetry, and photography. Join the public art project at


About BitTorrent Bundle

BitTorrent Bundle is an Alpha project, made with and for the web’s creative community. Our mission is to help artists connect directly with fans, inside the content they share.

Each BitTorrent Bundle, like this one, created in partnership with Madonna and VICE, allows artists to distribute content to 170 million BitTorrent users. And each Bundle comes with a key. Fans can unlock artist content with an email address, or a donation. The idea is to make each song a storefront; and each file more valuable, each time it’s shared. Got ideas for the next BitTorrent Bundle? Hit us up.

Matt Mason
Written by: Matt Mason

Matt Mason currently serves as Chief Content Officer at BitTorrent, Inc. He is also the bestselling author of The Pirate’s Dilemma, the first book in the history of the world to hit the number one spot on Amazon’s economics/free enterprise bestseller list and the rap bestseller list at the same time. He has written and produced TV series, screenplays, comic strips, apps and records, not to mention award-winning, global advertising campaigns. His journalism has appeared in The Guardian, The Independent, The Observer Music Monthly, Dazed & Confused, Adweek, VICE, and other publications in more than 20 countries.

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  1. Chris

    This site is not user friendly. I can not figure out how to download this video. Can you please make it simpler?

  2. Chris

    PS – Your Bundle video explained nothing. It is very artsy looking but there is no direction on how to download this video – it tells you what BitTorrent does but not HOW to do it. Fail.


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