The Revolution Will be Distributed: Madonna’s Art For Freedom Project to Launch on BitTorrent

The right to free speech. The right to open expression. The right to access, and experience. We live in a world where basic freedoms are being deleted. As artists and engineers; as human beings, we have a choice. An obligation to stand against persecution. An obligation to stand up for openness.

Madonna’s new film, secretprojectrevolution, co-directed by Steven Klein, is a hard lens on human rights, circa 2013. The 17-minute film will go live in seven days on BitTorrent; launching Art For Freedom, an online initiative to further freedom of expression.

Art For Freedom, curated by VICE, is a public art project designed to address global intolerance; asking the world to submit personal freedoms and protest in the form of video, music, poetry, and photography. Join the project by uploading original artwork or tagging posts #artforfreedom.

BitTorrent was founded as a free speech tool. And BitTorrent Bundle, our publishing Alpha, is designed to enable Internet expression: putting the power to create and distribute content back into the hands of artists.

Madonna | AFF

So, the revolution begins here. We’re releasing secretprojectrevolution as a full film download to the people of the Internet. The BitTorrent Bundle will include HD and 2K copies of the film, plus bonus content: an exclusive interview with Madonna, conducted by VICE’s Eddy Moretti, a message from Madonna, and trailers and stills from the shoot. If you’re interested in releasing your own work via BitTorrent, you can sign up to try our alpha publishing program, live next week.

On September 24th, the BitTorrent Bundle will be available to all. Join the revolution.

The secretprojectrevolution Bundle

secretprojectrevolution: free download

secretprojectrevolution Trailer 1 [Video]
secretprojectrevolution Trailer 2 [Video]
secretprojectrevolution Trailer 3 [Video]
secretprojectrevolution Stills [Art]

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secretprojectrevolution HD [Video]
secretprojectrevolution 2K [Video]
Madonna: The VICE Interview [Video]
Message from Madonna [Document]

Learn more about Art for Freedom here and here.

Stay tuned for the full film.

Madonna | Art For Freedom

About BitTorrent Bundle

BitTorrent Bundle is an Alpha project, made with and for the web’s creative community. Our mission is to help artists connect directly with fans, inside the content they share.

Each BitTorrent Bundle, like this one, created in partnership with Madonna and VICE, allows artists to distribute content to 170 million BitTorrent users. And each Bundle comes with a key. Fans can unlock artist content with an email address, or a donation. The idea is to make each song a storefront; and each file more valuable, each time it’s shared. Got ideas for the next BitTorrent Bundle? Hit us up.

Matt Mason
Written by: Matt Mason

Matt Mason currently serves as Chief Content Officer at BitTorrent, Inc. He is also the bestselling author of The Pirate’s Dilemma, the first book in the history of the world to hit the number one spot on Amazon’s economics/free enterprise bestseller list and the rap bestseller list at the same time. He has written and produced TV series, screenplays, comic strips, apps and records, not to mention award-winning, global advertising campaigns. His journalism has appeared in The Guardian, The Independent, The Observer Music Monthly, Dazed & Confused, Adweek, VICE, and other publications in more than 20 countries.

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18 Responses to “The Revolution Will be Distributed: Madonna’s Art For Freedom Project to Launch on BitTorrent”

  1. Reno

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity. I hope the BitTorrent Mac app will be compatible with this download format as I wouldn’t want to use direct download. I need a client that doesn’t corrupt the download and restart from the beginning had a connection break occurred.

  2. Angela Vecchio

    Great idea from Madonna and VICE. Access to public space is constantly becoming a hindrance to the idea of freedom of speech. Revolution of Love is a bit on the naive side. The only way to end this tyranny is to give back all public space to the people. The creation of the world wide web only goes to prove that space and property (tangible or not) naturally belongs to society as a whole, and not to private individuals. This unnatural ownership of space and property to an individual for the sake is profit is only detrimental to all forms of freedom,

  3. Ique

    I’m absolutely satisfied with the quality of her new work and impressed by the way she gives us an important wake up call and still is the queen of pop. Thank you BitTorrent.


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