Now In Beta: BitTorrent Sync


Back in April, we introduced an Alpha version of BitTorrent Sync: a new product designed to help sync files across devices, friends, collaborators, and co-working teams. Sync is a response to what we see as real, fundamental challenges to personal data movement: the limitations on speed, size, space, privacy, and security that come with cloud dependency.

BitTorrent Sync is free, unlimited, and secure file-syncing. It’s designed for fast file transfer: between users and machines; between editors and collaborators. Since April, Alpha users have synced over 8 petabytes of data; applying BitTorrent to classroom setups, film collaborations, remote backup, data storage, blogging, and project management. Pretty massive. It’s with the contribution of these intrepid early users that we’ve been able to evolve and build out the next step in syncing.

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of the BitTorrent Sync Beta. The new Sync Beta includes two of our Alpha users’ most requested features: mobile syncing and archiving. Here’s what’s new.

Mobile File Syncing

You guys asked for it. We built it. 🙂 BitTorrent Sync is now available for use on your Android device. You can sync up work folders to your tablet, backup mobile photos, and share files directly to friends and collaborators, right from your smartphone. iOS users: we haven’t forgotten about you. Stay tuned for updates on this front.


The BitTorrent Sync Beta also includes a basic versioning capability: a folder that gives you access to archives of previous versions of your synced files.

Since April, we’ve also added these handy features and fixes to Sync:

One-way synchronization

One-time Secrets (shhh)

Option to exclude specific files/directories

Advanced preferences configuration

Support for additional types of NAS devices

Improved Linux WebUI

Bug fixes and other improvements

You can download the app here.

Many thanks to our Alpha users for the awesome input, ideas, and feedback. We’re excited about what’s next.

Written by: Brett Nishi

Brett leads Product Management and User Experience at BitTorrent.

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