Friday Download: The Weepies


In this edition of FDL: magical/simple/pretty folk-pop, in the form of three live show torrents from The Weepies. The band name sounds supersad, but we promise it’s happy. How could it not be? IT’S FRIDAY.

Friday Download: The Weepies

1. El Rey / Los Angeles, California / 2012
2. Butternut Ridge / Oberlin, Ohio / 2004
3. Dizzy’s / San Diego, California / 2004

You can read on the setlist(s) if that’s your thing.

El Rey, 2012

Intro / When You Go Away / Please Speak Well of Me / Hideaway / Can’t Go Back Now / I Was Made for Sunny Days / Orbiting / Riga Girls / Gotta Have You / Be My Honeypie / Hard to Please / How Do You Get High? / Take it From Me / They’re in Love, Where Am I? / Sing Me to Sleep / Little Bird / Be My Thrill / World Spins Madly On / Just Blue / Citywide Rodeo / Hummingbird / Not a Lullaby / Nobody Knows Me At All / Hope Tomorrow

Butternut Ridge, 2004

Somebody Loved /Rocks and Water / How Will He Find Me / Vegas Baby / The World Spins Madly On / I’ve Got To Have You / Post Ivan Day / Sing Me to Sleep / Thanks to Brian / Tell Your Story Walking / Big Strong Girl / Cherry Trees / San Francisco / Love Come Knocking / Riga Girls / Personal Dimensions / All That I Want / Rock Hall / Don’t Pay No Mind / Slow Pony Home / CDs and Cake / Keep It There / Comfort / Strange Place Now

Dizzy’s, 2004

Rocks And Water / World Spins Madly On / How Will He Find Me / Somebody Loved / Vegas Baby / San Francisco / I Gotta Have You / Sing Me to Sleep / Tell Your Story Walking / Keep It There / Riga Girls / All That I Want / Slow Pony Home / Late Night Phone Call / Comfort / Jolene

Image credit: Rachel Kramer, Wikimedia Commons

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