BitTorrent Sync Alpha Now Open To All

In January, we opened up a pre-Alpha program for a new syncing tool called BitTorrent Sync. (We are unapologetic literalists here.)

Sync is unlimited, secure file-syncing. You can use it for remote backup. Or, you can use it to transfer large folders of personal media between users and machines; editors and collaborators. It’s simple. It’s free. It’s the awesome power of P2P, applied to file-syncing.

20 thousand people signed on to help us test Sync out; syncing over 200 terabytes of data along the way. With thanks to our intrepid pre-Alpha users, we’re ready to open up the Sync to everyone. Here’s the deal.

Unlimited, fast file-syncing.

Sync an unlimited number of files between your own devices. Share and automatically sync folders with friends and family. Since Sync is based on P2P and doesn’t require a pit-stop in the cloud, you can transfer files at the maximum speed supported by your network.

Secure, private file transfers.

With Sync, file transfers are encrypted. Your information is never stored on a server in the cloud; your data is protected by encrypted keys. Your files belong to you, and stay on the devices of your choice.

The bigger the file, the better.

BitTorrent Sync is specifically designed to handle large files, so you can sync original, high quality, uncompressed files.

Since the pre-Alpha program, we’ve also added a few handy features and fixes:

One-way synchronization

One-time secrets

Option to exclude specific files/directories

Advanced preferences configuration

Support for additional types of NAS devices

Improved Linux WebUI

Bug fixes and other improvements

If you’re comfortable working on and with Alpha software, help us solve for syncing.

Download the Alpha here, and let us know what you think.

Written by: Brett Nishi

Brett leads Product Management and User Experience at BitTorrent.

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  • OyoKooN

    Just installed it on 3 machines (2 Macs and one Linux server) and it works great!

    It might even replace Dropbox when file versioning will be added and with a few UI improvements.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Wilco

    Looks like an awesome bit of software!

  • ojc

    Nice! I have been teetering between Dropbox, Box, and Pogoplug. This works great for me as I have a personal computer I leave at work and so my data can be two places at any given time.

  • Akash

    Hey is there a way to install this in ubuntu linux, I tried the tar ball but it failed and the browser GUI is not working…..

  • Nico

    How are shared the files ?
    If computer a is on, and computer b is off
    I share something from computer a (who is sync only with computer b), and after that i turn off computer a, and turn on computer b, is the file shared ?

    So, have I to stock other persons’ encryted files for Sync working ?

    (And sorry for my bad english)

  • David Neudorfer

    I can’t figure out if its only using file modified times or file deltas to sync files. Can someone explain?

  • Jeff Liu

    Just wonder that where my data really stores?

  • Colin

    Just an idea, why not allow people to allocate some public space for anonymous, encrypted, distributed file storage? I upload something to the cloud and it gets stored on Joe, Sally, and Sam’s computers, but in little scrambley bits. Reciprocally, their files are stored on mine. It’d be a nice way to get around all of the new snooping laws as nobody really knows where whose data are stored.

  • send

    I use it for the first time

  • Aidan

    I have installed bt sync on two mac book pros retina displays, i added a secret to one after adding a excel spreadsheet to one folder, i get the response cannot sync folder, so i tried it the other way by adding the secret from computer 2 and well i get the same message.I am pretty computer savvy but cant seem to figure this out/

  • Art Pollard

    I would really really like a way to be able to specify file types for syncing. I am a programmer and would like to sync the *.cpp, *.h files and maybe the project files. However, I don’t want to sync the *.obj files and the precompiled header files (which often times approach 1GB in size and which change every time you compile.)

    I thought I heard that Sync had that functionality but don’t see it listed anywhere. Thanks!

  • Grubbordae

    Any information on whether this will also remain free? Maybe even become an open source project (or protocol)?

  • MHmedia

    At last! The backup solution for people who don’t “do” backups!

    I’ve installed btsync on my wife’s Windoze laptop and it’ll sync both Desktop and Documents to my Linux server. She can now get on and work without having to remember to back her work up afterwards. I also copy my Raspberry Pi logs in the same way.

    What an amazing, cross-platform app. Thank you!