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We’ve been working on ways for artists to connect with fans; experimenting with sponsored content distribution through the BitTorrent. We’ve been working on ways for artists to collaborate on assignments; beta projects like SoShare. And today, we’re working with Alex Day on ways for artists to collaborate with fans.

Alex Day’s album is out next week. So we’re releasing a free, ten-track collection from Epigrams And Interludes on BitTorrent. We’re also releasing all the stems via SoShare. Remix them. Build something amazing and unheard-of. Share them with the world. And share them back with Alex, by taggingthem #alexdayremixes. You’ve got thirty days from now to get them in. Winners will get a special shout out and swag from Mr. Day.

Written by: BitTorrent

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2 Responses to “Download And Remix Alex Day”

  1. john

    I love when artists promote there music through bittorrent, shows the copyright industry is messed up when their potential clients take our side.

  2. Ross Tonkin

    We run a Label for emerging talent and would love to work with you to break the
    mysterious monopoly of The Billboard Charted Stations. Self produced and
    produced music is often better from a Indie source.

    I appreciate any information on new services available and feel free to call at
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    Thanks for your insight !



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