Friday Download: Conspiracy Theories


Friday afternoon conspiracies. In this edition of FDL, we’re exploring freemasonry, secret societies and secret machines. Paranoid much? Read on for six free downloads, courtesy of the intrepid preservationists over at

Friday Download: Conspiracy Theories

1. You Don’t Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows, Weatherman. 1969.
2. Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare. 1599.
3. The Secret Machines, Brooklyn, NY. 2010.
4. America’s Secret Establishment: Order of Skull & Bones, Anthony Sutton. 2004.
5. The National, New York, NY. 2009.
6. A Ritual And Illustrations Of Freemasonry, Avery Allen. 1900s.

Written by: BitTorrent

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