Test BitTorrent Sync (Pre-Alpha)

Sync App

We like it when things work together. So we’ve been working on a new distributed syncing product to help manage personal files between multiple computers.

Today, BitTorrent Sync is in a pre-Alpha stage. And we’re hoping that users like you can help us build something sick. If you’re comfortable using early, incomplete software, and if you’re committed to helping us figure out a better way to sync, we want to hear from you.

We’re opening up enrollment in our pre-Alpha program to a limited number of testers. If you’re interested, check out the Labs page, fill out an application, and we’ll get you started.

Check out BitTorrent Sync.

Written by: BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a company of over 100 people, based in downtown San Francisco. We’re passionate about building a better, smarter Internet through distributed computing.

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  • http://pilobilus.net Steve Kinney

    BitTorrent Sync is a potential game changer, if the protocol can be adequately anonymized without degrading performance. BitTorrent Sync represents an opportunity to introduce encrypted, anonymous network communications technology to a large user base.

    At present there are many ways this project could go. I would like to see it start with a codebase derived from Freenet, which is a well tested and attacked protocol capable of meeting your mission objectives. Freenet presently runs on an Jave implementation that would benefit from optimization by a well funded team of coders. I would like to see BitTorrent Sync distribute native binaries for major operating systems, and I would like to see it include provisions for a plugin architecture to make it modular and extensible.

    BitTorrent Sync has to be Free Software under a GPL model license, it you want community support and public confidence in its security. Monetizing this project will prove difficult unless you can obtain grant funding and follow up with public donations to “crowdsource” continued development costs. Will BitTorrent Sync be a killer app, or Haystack-like fiasco? I hope the project is very successful and I have signed up as a candidate for beta testing.

  • Yakov

    Is there any way to get automatically notified of the app being released?

    Also, it’s not obvious at all where the Labs page is, can’t see the link neither here nor at http://www.bittorrent.com/intl/ru/

    Finally, I haven’t understood whether Sync will allow to sync files directly (via WiFi/bluetooth, which is the thing I’ll be happy to see) or through the web (which is not much difference from Dropbox etc, unless the files are strongly encrypted).