Installing BitTorrent Surf on Windows 8

Thanks to everyone who’s tried BitTorrent Surf Alpha for all the early input and great feedback. We’re already hard at work addressing some of your questions. First up: Windows 8. Windows 8 restricts NPA APIs from being installed. However, BitTorrent Surf will work with Windows 8. Here’s what you need to do:

1) Switch to desktop mode
2) Right click on the Chrome Shortcut to display its context menu
3) Click on “properties” at the bottom of the context menu
4) Select the Compatibility tab
5) check the box for “run this program in compatibility mode for”
6) Select Windows 7

Please give it a try and let us know what you think.

Written by: BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a company of over 100 people, based in downtown San Francisco. We’re passionate about building a better, smarter Internet through distributed computing.

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  • Santiago26

    I’ve tried to do this both on my Chromium-based browser and original Chrome too and there is no effect: it just stopped working at all.
    Infinite downloading and tab crash

    • kara3murphy

      Hi Santiago,

      Chromium OS is not supported, just yet. The product is still in Alpha…

  • Alfonso Casado

    Chrome usually crashes with this method

  • tester

    Crashes when switched to compatibility mode with Win 7 on Win 8.

  • kimberly

    Works great! Thanks!

  • Sarah

    This worked! Thanks so much!

  • Gopal

    Windows 8 crashes as i start running torrent after this

  • James

    you all that build programs needs way when program crash, or dose something wrong it send u the report,
    fixs can be done much faster. most windows os dose this but is very limted, dose not report if a service dose not start or reason wont start
    dose not report that report much of probems windows have, first u must understand if its a windows probem or a program probem
    once u figer this out u go for a fix, but only way this happen is software report how it runs to people that make it,
    now I have no probem with this as long as it dose not report and information not needed to fix the program, IE my user account name
    would not been needed, but microsoft downloads this information got ask what my user account name has to do with the program,
    just has to do with accessing the pc. u also need built in viruse, spyware, bot, realy intrsusion prevention u down load files people know your ip address this mostly all needed to get on your pc, software downloads should be done over https and ip address need be tied to mac address wich not done but is one shure way stop people from stelling your ip address, dns should be upgraded so mac address is store with websight name this meens people need work on better ways. doing lot things, any pc on internet be hack,
    not lot u do to stop it. we need better software, we not beta testers