Introducing BeamItOver

Today, I’m happy to bring you BeamItOver, the latest project from BitTorrent Torque Labs.

It has the same functionality as some other Torque Labs projects, but it has been designed from the ground up to bring the inherently social activity of sharing files to where the people are. It’s a Facebook app that aims to make sharing your files as simple as sharing anything else.

For developers out there getting started building Torque apps, I’m hoping this can be an exciting example of the possiblities using our technologies. Like everything out of Torque Labs, this project is open source and available on github.

And for the more casual users, my hope is that you will embrace the meshing of your social activity with your file downloads. In the age of smart phones generating incredible amounts of data, and >1GB GoPro videos flying around, we really need a good way to share this stuff with our friends and family.

Anyhow, give it spin and let me know what you think! Feel free to message me on Facebook, or Twitter if you’d prefer. I love feedback!

Written by: patrick

I remember the day I beat my dad at basketball. I'm looking forward to the day that I engineer something my mom can use.

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  • Anand

    we are still alive .

    • patrick


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  • Richard

    Hi Patrick,

    Have just checked out Beam It Over and was wondering what security functions (encryption) the app uses for sending files?

    • patrick

      There’s currently no encryption of the files that you send. Its distributed as a standard torrent, which by default isn’t transfered encrypted. That being said, if there’s demand for encrypted transport its something we could look into. However, as the files you share are visible to your facebook friends, any security measures will probably just provide the illusion of security. Probably best to stick to stuff you don’t mind others seeing :)