PAZ is Back! “Young, Broke & Fameless II” Out Today…

Our friend PAZ has returned to BitTorrent, and we couldn’t be more excited. His debut mixtape “Young Broke & Fameless” — a lo-fi collection of fan-favorite acoustic covers and originals, was our very first music Artist Spotlight release almost a year and a half ago. It was a smash hit (way over 500,000 downloads before old tracker gave out).

Today, PAZ’s sophomore album, Young Broke & Fameless II, makes its bow. Download it free here. And for a sample of his trademark sound – a foot-stomping mashup of hip-hop, rock, and dance beats – check out the album’s first hit single/video Beautiful Lies here.

While infamous in pop culture for such antics as stealing Paris Hilton’s birthday cake, PAZ is nothing short of a pure talent. His mashups and songs that can make artists like Wiz Khalifa vs. Jack Johnson to Kanye West vs. Afrojack sound like they were meant for each other.

Since his initial mixtape went viral thanks to our awesome community, things have gone at warp speed for PAZ. Young Broke & Fameless II features collaborations with Tayyib Ali, Chris Young, and Kimberly Cole. Check it out on our Featured Artist page here and find more information about Paz, his projects and can ways to support his efforts with Kickstarter. The new album and video is also available here.

“PAZ is a true music trailblazer,” said Stephen Collins, product manager at BitTorrent. “He embodies the independent spirit and fearless entrepreneurialism of the digital generation. Beyond embracing his fans and BitTorrent, PAZ’s music is pure entertainment and his new album is a must-add to your music collection.”

“As a musician, it’s awesome to reach fans around the world – and BitTorrent is the single most efficient way to do just that,” said PAZ. “Their ongoing support of independent artists is breaking down barriers. When it came time to decide how to distribute my new album, there was no doubt BitTorrent would be at the top of my list.”

PAZ is a true artist and entertainer that has made fans of not only all of us at BitTorrent, but also some of music’s hottest acts such as Girl Talk, Far East Movement and Big Sean.  We know his new album will delight both current fans and new listeners worldwide. Check it out now!

Also, for a regular dose of humor, follow PAZ’s weekly mashup show or keep up to date with his always outrageous posts on Facebook.

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    The title alone, ‘Young, Broke and Fameless’, is enough to entice me and, I’m sure, any other just-out-of-home teenager.

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    music is pure entertainment and his new album is a must-add to your music collection

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